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We are all in this this together

 I don't need to talk much about what has befallen us all, our hopes are gone, our faith has gone into allies 

Someone I asked to invest when we all thought things will get better called me earlier this morning complaining and telling me all sorts of things, well I didn't have to challenge him, I kept calm because after all, I was the one who asked him to come in, 

 I only pleed for Mercy and forgiveness, not minding we are in all of this together, life in itself is 50/50, I think I lost too and we all have learnt our various lessons from what just happened .

I think it's high time we think forward and not backwards, life will stretch you, life will test you, life will leave you with injuries, but in all, keep your head straight and keep moving forward, 

Our past has thought us a lesson we will not forget in a hurry, it will help us to make the right decision tomorrow and to be more careful in trusting people.

Keep your head up, keep smiling and keep the hope and faith together, things will fall in place for all of us🙏🏽



Adetola Muheez
04 May

So saddened by the mishap befallen us.

Can't even go to the wallet I have my 1up ,, totally zero now, I just hope thing change as time goes on.

We Re all in this together


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