We all have roles to play....

Recently, I have been seeing several posts on the platform about 1UP climbing to the top and I felt the need to give my voice as well for the success of 1UP.

I always said that believing is the first thing you need to make great things happen, after it comes working towards achieving what you have planned for and that is why I am writing to call everyone to play a part in fulfilling this great dreem we share as a family.

The issue of helping 1UP grow has been on for some time on the platform, guardians and several trenndians have created awareness the best way they can but we still see people feeling not concerned about the situation of 1UP.

We all saw how other Crypto's went really high, wouldn't be a joy for us as a family as well to see 1UP become great.

Many of us still see 1UP as @jeff Kirdeikis project that is why we don't care about the token but we have forgotten we are part of it.

 Lately, I have seen the effort of Tiger lily trying to make people understand a lot about 1UP and how we can achieve the dreem of it climbing high and sitting among the great token out there.

Making the token great is not a man job, it is something we can only achieve we join hands together.

 How would it feel if just 20% of the platform are trying to make the change and the remaining 80% keeps dragging it down?

It means 80% are making the effort of the 20% waste, it is really terrible.

During the previous pump, I was able to convince few friends to purchase token by making them understand how bright the future is but today I am a bad person to them because the price went below the bottom level as a result of how we handle the token, I created the awareness then because I saw a very bright future for 1UP.

I am not a Crypto expert so my advice might sound irrelevant but I want everyone to understand that we will benefit more in the future if we hold on to our token than dumping it even in its poor state at any given opportunity.

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Merit Ahama
05 Jan

You have written well about our beloved token. We all need each other to make this work and become millionaires in the future to come. 

$600 may seem impossible to some but I see us surpassing it if we can only work together. 


George Dee
05 Jan

Team work makes it possible to achieve a goal quickly, applying this idea should help us become a billionaire someday


Adetola Muheez
05 Jan

It saddens how people feel after advice n things doesn't work out well,we all should stand to help the 1up trends.. it's all begins with me n u.

The prices of btc n all we see today is as a result of the holders who fought for the price back then,let not dump our ups now,hold n keep buying to make it appreciate in d market


George Dee
05 Jan

Btc didn't start at $1k, it started very low but look at ot today. That was possible because other investors believed and didn't dump at every single opportunity.

If we can be patient and hold as well, I see 1UP becoming as valuable as the giant tokens.


Adetola Muheez
05 Jan


1up to the moon.. together we can


Daniel Mayowa
05 Jan

It is normal for crypto to crash but that doesn't mean we should stop accumulating it 

I Know that 1up has a great future and a better time is coming 


Shahid Iqbal
05 Jan

You are right... Uptrennd is a platform which has raised the creativity skills of a lot of creative people. It has also helped a lot of people to learn as well as to earn. 

  But at this time uptrend needs our support. Now we should have to work for the uptrennd and should wait a suitable time for the price of 1up. 


George Dee
05 Jan

It is time to give 1up every support we can


Vladimir Nnaemeka
05 Jan

Plz I have being trying to purchase 1up but the gas fee is to high but plz if u have cash now try to invest in 1up because it will certainly grow. And with one another hardwork we take this platform to another level


George Dee
05 Jan

That is happening due to the pump in ETH.

Purchasing the token for the future is another way to help the token grow very well







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