Victoria Haruna Victoria Haruna
16 Feb
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Warning for fellow Uptrenndians — Please Read

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Mustapha Mohammed Jeremiah 1 month ago

Thanks for this Victoria. I also made a post on it this morning and have also report the said account to the admin.

Omar Faridi 1 month ago

Yes I am aware of this. I received this message and I think all other Uptrennd accounts got it as well (or at least that is what they told me).

These things are quite common on internet-based platform. I use TutorMe to teach online, and I always get these messages. Just report and ignore them please.

Sana Khan 1 month ago

Oh I don't believe such type arrived in my inbox thanks for awareness 

Osato Jegede 1 month ago

It appears nobody is exempted from Ellen Barney messages. As stated by @Victoria, there's no two ways about it, it's intentionality to scam you. So trade cautionly 

Sanda Druzijanic 1 month ago

Aha, so it's about trading?

master claim 1 month ago

thank you for sharing information with us all really very useful information for us

and hopefully those who carry out such acts are immediately followed up so as not to harm many parties

Victoria Haruna 1 month ago

Yea! That's why its important to report any suspicious movements as quickly as possible

master claim 1 month ago

that's very true @victoria







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