Walk now, it pays later.

There is time for everything in this world; time to plant, time to harvest. Everyone is giving equal 24hours in a day,  weather  rich or poor. The way one handle this time will determine who is going to be successful or not. 

The time we have in this world is transient and brief to the point that one can't afford to misuse millisecond out of it. You must spend your time carefully and profitably. Make every minutes and second counts in your life.

Youthful age is time we started planning about how adulthood is going to be. And this is usually goes along with a lot of sense and ability to do what seemly impossible at adulthood. One unfortunate thing about this age is that once is misuse it is gone forever and can never be regained. 

The best time to invest profitably into adulthood is now don't wait until you become an adult before you start a serious hardwork. Hardwork doesn't kill but it pays tremendously. God is faithful and He will bless every hardworking youth irrespective of being lucky or not. Start doing something today.

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Lummy Ayeni
03 Nov

Yes ooooo u are very right has much has I know is that we can work when we are much younger and rest when getting older.


Abiodun Oguntuyi
03 Nov

Exactly, we are to work when we are young so that we can rest at adult and enjoy.


Tasleem Mohsin
03 Nov

Yes obvious. The time we will spend now for savings will give us a regard in our older age.


Diamond Goodness
03 Nov

This is true, most times I see men and woman who are ought to have been successful but have nothing to show, I wonder what they have been doing all through their youthful age. 


Martins Pius
03 Nov

Even the Bible admonish us to work while it is day, meaning we should do the best we can and utilize our youthful period judiciously so that we can enjoy maximum rest when the night comes


Alagbe Adeniyi
03 Nov

You are absolutely right...work now with your youthful age and rest later once you become an elder... Because surely it gonna pay you back..

Be wise with your life 







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