Waist beads

Waist beads can be traced back to African kingdoms, where royalties wore it just to look different from others in status,

But now it is strictly about fashion for the ladies especially the waist beads,

Here are some 3 major reasons we now use the beads;

1.  Fashion - just to add some flavor to our dress, ladies now wear beads to compliment their looks especially during traditional marriage ceremonies,

2.  Watching weight - waist beads are a perfect way to measure weight, when the beads start getting tighter then you know you are adding weight, you know ladies and weight monitoring 🤣

3. Cultural heritage - some communities has adopt the beads as their native way of dressing that they seems incomplete without it, e.g India 

They look so sexy on ladies with the hour glass shape🤣🤣 don't ask me how I know 😁😁

What do you think about waist beads?

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Agaga Julius
27 Feb

The waist beads always look perfect and beautiful I'm girls. All what you have said are just the truth about using waist beads. I had a girl back then who always use beads and indeed they look good well and beautiful in her.


Abdul Qadir
27 Feb

I did not know about this culture I look interesting it's great that they are symbol of their culture everybody donot forget their culture and their norms 


qasim gilal
27 Feb

Dear whatever it's culture or fashion,

But it looks beautiful on the waist of girls.

It also increases the beauty of girls dress


Soni Rajput R
01 Mar

I see in the picture and study the Internet about waist beads but I could not know about the culture of this. One thing that impressed me that women use to monitor the weight and women's looking very sexy after wear this. Thank you dear for share with us a new thing. 







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