This is a question that can be so hard to answer yet, it is such a simple question. You may feel that you were brought up not to openly want things and so therefore, avoid even going there in your mind. You must listen to yourself and know what you truly want with no judgement or influence from others.


With the constant presence of social media, we compare ourselves with others and think that we have to do certain things because they do. If you focus your energy on achieving goals that are not real to you then, you are not only at risk of not achieving them but also, risk taking yourself off course from the life you actually want to live.


Setting your goals in the present tense as if you have already achieved them, allows your synapses to fire off and create a neural pathway for the goals. Visualising that moment when you have achieved that goal allows you to experience just how much it will change your life, and to understand what it will give you to put fire in your belly to go and make it happen.


We all have moments or days when we wish we had more confidence, when we don't really feel our best and strongest self. But we can think of a moment where we have felt invisible, where we have felt exhilarated, wonderful, powerful and as if we could rule the world. It might be a sporting achievement, a professional moment or a hobby we are passionate about. Whatever that moment is for you, there is tremendous power in that moment that we can harness whenever we need a boost.


We all have a list of the things we want to do but what about a list of things you want to be? After all, we are human beings but how often do you consider who you need to be today? It is not about pretending to be someone you're not but rather, recognising that you have qualities at different moments. It is beneficial to connect with those parts of yourself and invite them to help you in whatever it is that you are undertaking. You can create the list first thing in the morning before you leave the house to start your day. What is it about yourself you would like to show up today? Do you want to smile more or show more love to people around??


We are all working towards something and we all have moments when we make mistakes. Chances are, you might know what you are likely to fall over. Perhaps, you know better choices to make but give in to the first temptation! Always make the better choices without negotiation or consideration!!


How much you search for an answer sometimes, your conscious mind seems not to provide it. This is when it becomes necessary to switching through your subconscious mind which can be really helpful. Focus on the things you want to know and ask yourself specific questions! Should I go into crypto trading full time? Should I buy 1UP and level up my account?? What is that thing that you really need right now? Focus your subconscious mind on it!!!

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Tariq Shehzad
27 Nov

There are two types of visualising the things as internally and externally. You ate tlking about our internally visualising and it is connected to our mind thinking abalities.


Anthony Eri
27 Nov

Absolutely Tariq! I'm talking about internal Visualisation that connects us specifically to our subconscious mind.... This is where the power of imaginations and visialisations occur..... In this subconscious, we also receive ideas and inspiration too.


Syed Inayat shah
27 Nov

Everybody wantbto become a best and rich man in the life. But there is always the ways are realy hard to chase it. If we not loss the hope and nver give up, we chased it easily.

Mistak is done by everyone but we should dis hurt because its a best teacher in our life. It teaches us a lot. So, we never repeat mistakes and take some lessons. 


Anthony Eri
27 Nov

I know people who don't want to be rich 😁 They just want to be happy and have a peaceful life. Everyone has different desires although, majority wants to be successful but when you go deep down into success, it can be splitted into various elements.

Mistakes are part of life! In our path towards realization of our goals, we must certainly make mistakes. But the sweet thing about every mistake is that there's always a lesson to learn. Repeating a mistake is like swallowing back your vomit! That's totally disgusting!!!


Syed Inayat shah
27 Nov

Yes sir. I totally agreed your all words


Eric Mannie
27 Nov

Very nice and inspiring post...I just wanna be Happy and get all the things that comes with happiness....I love this


Anthony Eri
27 Nov

Peace, long-life, good health and prosperity are all the things that comes out from happiness.... Visualizing a happy life simply means choosing to be happy always because happiness lies deep inside us, doing more of the things that make you happy and avoiding anything that makes you unhappy


27 Nov

What you see Is what You get..... How far can you can see ??? Great men Are men of Great visions


Michael Chikadibia Emeruwa
27 Nov

Indeed my brother our internal visualization is connected to our subconscious mind specifically.

And that is where our power ofour imagination, ideas, inspiration and observations comes from.







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