Very very Bad. 😔😔

Dowry of one million

 Five lakh food

 Watch worn

 Put on the ring

 McLaughlin's day meal

 William's Day Breakfast

 Then he sent his daughter away and sent clothes to all the in-laws

 Sending food with you on the way to Barat

 There is a daughter or there is a punishment

 And it all starts when the engagement comes, sometimes the sleep comes, sometimes the sister-in-law comes, sometimes the aunt's mother-in-law comes, sometimes the mother-in-law comes, the gangs come and the daughter's mother puts an artificial smile on her face.  Serves the best food to all and welcomes everyone in a good way. Every hair of the father sinks into debt and in such a situation twenty people surround him and say how many servants bring 100 or 200 in the barat.  The slaves are our own relatives and when the father comes home in the evening, the daughter sits down with her head bowed and says that her father's hair is in debt because of me. God willing, you should end the rituals of these Hindus.  So that every father can send his daughter away with honor ...



Madiha Maan
09 Feb

All these useless rituals are going on in our Pakistan too. These are all Hindu rituals. Mahindi etc. All the functions belong to Hindus. There is no such ritual in our Islam. In our Islam only marriage is ordered. Dowry is a curse. Daughter's dowry is spent in debt all her life but her debt does not come down. We should break such rituals and follow Islamic principles.


Abid Ali
09 Feb

Its really panic one.These type of culture is on peak in pakistan.Actually those people who are millionere are setting this trend and by seeing poor people also adopt them.


Kamil Shaheen
09 Feb

Yeah it's a very bad but how can we save our society from this?

We're responsible of such type of things. We should avoid such type of customs and now follow new tends


Minahil Khan
10 Feb

Yeah it's very bad 

Our society don't wanna a daughter in law but they wanna a servant who is always work theirs 

And these situations common in Pakistan and India ...

We forget that we have daughters they'll marry but we think we'll give them we'll planned things 

So before we are doing this thing we keep in our mind that as you sow so shall you reap this is common


fatima naz
15 Feb

During the marriage, dowry is given to the daughter in cash and in any form.There are many evils associated with it such as greed, prejudice against women, mistreatment of the girl child, burning the bride, taking bribe, etc., in order to be able to pay for the daughter's marriage. Many young women commit suicide because their parents cannot afford to pay the dowry. In many cases, parents borrow at exorbitant interest rates to marry their daughters and spend their entire lives in great distress.







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