VELAS Blockchain was born from the created by Alex Alexandrov since 2013; which became the first and largest altcoin payement processor platform.

The birth of VELAS blockchain from CoinPayment is to optimize and provide solution to the various blockchain problems of Scalability, security (centralized 51% attacks), high transactions fees by powering its consensus algorithm by using Artificial intuition (AI-Powered Dynamic Consensus) which bridges the gap of the limiting third party.

As much as the word blockchain sounds all complex, VELAS is tasked with creating user friendly, transparent and privacy respecting products. So far VELAS blockchain can handle 50,000 Transaction Per Second (TPS)

VELAS comes with more flexibilities and advantages:

  • Support Solidity - comapartible with all Ethereum blockchain built smart contracts.

  • Fast/instant transaction speed

  • Low gas and transaction fees

  • Tradeability of BTC, ETH and other Crypto on VELAD chain

  • Multi-currency wallet

  • Staking feautures

  • E-commerce (1-Click payment, supporing many currency)

VELAS interoperability between all types of coins/tokens grants a cutting edge for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to new era in e-commerce, global economy and massive adoption of the cryptoworld.

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Captain Philips
21 Jan

Its the interoperability features across Chains that impresses me the most, I hope the gas fee is as low as LTC, ETH and BTC transaction fee could get on users nerves super fast. Fingers crossed to see VELAS surpasses our imaginations.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
21 Jan

One of the great features of VELAS is the cross chain ability and super low gas fees. This is definitely a great selling point for mass adoption and Dapp products.


Romeo Hart
24 Jan

Which coin does it use for it gas fees?


preview not available Dotun Awosika
26 Jan

Its native coin VLX.

To ask more questions on VELAS, join the AMA on Uptrennd Africa


Essa sherazi
21 Jan

Mr. Up shared blockchain information. We didn't know much about it. But you have written very well. Cryptocurrencies and Atrium are the best. The price is still low but I hope it will increase and a lot of people work hard and make some money and I think their marketing is improving.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
21 Jan

You absolutely need to check out VELAS blockchain for it's prowess and active product development. It is indeed the future of blockchain and e-commerce.


Asif Aziz
21 Jan

That's great news thank you sir @Dotun A

For sharing the post about vela's.

I think the security and fastest transaction is the best ability of velas I was shocked to here 50,000 transaction per second thats the great achievement of velas and also providing (51% centralized attks) security is one of the best feature of velas

thank you sir @Dotun A and Thanks velas.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
21 Jan

VELAS is super fast and the advantage of AI infused Blockchain speed is another super edge for awesone transaction speed, yet with super low gas fees


Josemendez Peter
21 Jan

So far we have withnessed many new blockchain network trying to solve the problem of the old ones . Let's hope that VELAS will live up to theses mentioned features 


preview not available Dotun Awosika
21 Jan

VELAS is all about helping to build a while new world but just to improve on part developments or competing but to actually develop user friendly products and aid massive adoption of Crypto Blockchain by the entire world.


Ifiok Eso
21 Jan

Wow, am just knowing about VELAS, before now i never heard about it. I hope the futures it comes with now will provide more flexibility and smoothness to its traders..


preview not available Dotun Awosika
21 Jan

This blockchain provide more flexibility and compatibility of token which easily provide exchange between coins and smart contracts at very affordable prices.

To soccer this up VELAS is also developing a super exchange for all coins.


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