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Happy Sunday most valued trenndians. Trust it has been a blissful day for everyone.

For about two weeks now, I have been reading different posts and comments about the present value of 1UP. Some of these posts have been very encouraging while some have also been very discouraging because of the motives behind them i.e. complaints

Permit me at this junction to also add my voice to these trending complaints about the present value of 1UP.

The complaints have basically been because of the depreciating value of 1UP. It is important to note at this point that crypto is very volatile and every trenndian should understand and appreciate this volatility.

The volatile nature of the value of 1UP means that it value can depreciate sometimes and also appreciate sometimes. Therefore, instead complaining about the low worth of 1UP, save your points until when the value of 1UP appreciates and then do your withdrawal.

Surely, the value of 1UP will appreciate again in no distant time. Therefore, ignore the present situation with regards to converting your points to cash and devote more time in creating quality contents instead of complaining.

In addition to the above, people should also cultivate the habit of posting not because of the financial reward involved but for the fun and academic improvement involved.

Thanks for reading.



Imma .
22 Nov

Sure. The price of the token will surely rise and then you will see a whole lots of people coming back to the platform. Then I use to ask all this while that they have been offline, they would have earned enough. 

Nothing good comes easy and earning or making money doesn't come easy. Commitment pays a lot


Ezekiel Bola
22 Nov

Well said bro. Sure, the value of token will rise again. 

As you said, people shouldn't expect life to be rossy at times. Nothing good comes easily as reflected in your comment.

Thanks for the comment.


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
22 Nov

This life itself is not balance, we should try to take it as it comes and don't try to force things from happening when it's time it will come. I know with time the 1up will go up so we should try to be focus and monitor it closely.


Ezekiel Bola
22 Nov

The fact that you said that all we need to do is to monitor the price of 1UP as it appreciates and surely, it will soon start appreciating.

Thanks for the comment.


Fasasi Olusegun
22 Nov

#Voice up bro

#You have just sorosoke

We must all come to realize that nothing good comes easily...  when things seems odd,  only our persistence can make it great... 

Its unfortunate, but the truth is,  if the financial aspect of this platform is eradicated,  most of us will leave for greener pasture.

I beg us to keeping creating quality content at least for the academic improvement it will bring. 

While hoping for increase in the value of 1UP,  I encourage us to be dedicated and committed. 


Ezekiel Bola
23 Nov

Thanks for this encouraging comment bro.

The fact that you encouraged everyone to continue to post quality contents caught my attention seriously.







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