Valentine's Day Card- Love Card Contest Guardian @Hafsa M

Valentine's Day Card

Happy Valentine’s Day My love! 

You know I am incomplete without you!

You're my favorite from Day One when we met for the first time.

Do you remember the place where we sat and talked about everything under the sun during our first meeting?

Do you the fact that you're my strength and you would never let me give up but your love will keep me stay strong.

They say that there is a woman after every successful man and I have no doubt whatsoever in that saying.

They say love is not greedy but I want to prove them wrong. I am being even more greedy to stay with you with every passing day, so stay with me forever

Do I need to tell you that the day I met you was the most wonderful day of my life? I developed an inexplicable liking for you. I love you. Let's find the happiness of life walking together for the rest of our life.

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Promise Day February the 11th

We celebrate ‘Promise Day’ after Teddy Day in Valentine’s Week. February 11 means Thursday is the Promise Day. On this day, the couples tie their relationship with a string of promises, so that they can support each other for the rest of their life. 

If you’re willing to see your love increase and if you also want to see yourself moving forward with someone, then make some promises to them. That’s what is Promise Day all about. Believe me, these promises will strengthen your relationship.

You should tell them, “I will always listen to you”, the foundation of any good relationship is a two-way road. The way you say your words is important and listening to the partner honestly is as important. Therefore, on this Promise Day, promise your partner that you will always give importance to their words. Their words are as important as yours.

Live the way you are, living your life as you always wanted to. But we forget that especially after coming into a relationship, a person forgets all about his dreams in quest of fulfilling other’s wishes. But if both the partners are equal in a relationship, then why only one has the freedom to fulfill their desires? Why not both live life on equal terms!

Promise your partner that there will be no restriction on the dreams they had so dearly cherished in their life and you are the one standing with them in all their problems and difficulties.

My time is for you

Often people get so busy between office work and other works that they do not see the loneliness of their partners but too engaged in their own routine job. Promise your partner that no matter what’s the pressure of work in life, but you will definitely stand by them. This will also solve your own problems and life will be far easier.

We shall work like a team - Hey guys, do some shopping for them or try cleaning the kitchen and see the result. Try to contribute or distributing work, take responsibility of household work. Tell your partner that we shall work as a team instead of taking the line of being a man or a woman. I am sure this will work wonders in uplifting your relation. Just say, ” We shall do all the work together. I am with you in all the work”.

I will try my best to keep you happy

Just living with someone does not mean or guarantee of a solid relationship, but that person can still find you unworthy or even leave you. So promise to do something every day that makes your partner feel special and well connected with you. Merely bringing flowers or gifts for them will not work but prove your worth with action. Surprise them with innovative ways.

Apart from this, you can also make many promises to them. Like- ‘I will take care of all your wishes’ I will express my love in front of the world ‘,’ I will never be too busy so we cannot find time for each other.

Hey, do you sometimes ignore your partner? Don’t, but make a promise, “I will always pick up your phone ‘. And last but not the least, “I will always respect your family like my own family and I will always take care of all your relatives as that of my own.

Happy Valentine's Day

And here is a Valentines' Day Card for Ma'am Hafsa M and Ma'am Betty for providing us this chance, may God bless you with your wonderful love relations. 

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Cards and videos made by using various editing platforms Guardian Betty and Hafsa M profile pictures, various free images, and some of my own camera images.

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rabail fatima
10 Feb

Wao it's really amazing you did well hope for the best for your contest too and i will also make my entry inshallah in this contest 


Suny Ag
11 Feb

I did this post for my personal satisfaction and for the promise I made to MS @Betty I am glad you liked it thank you!


Olaide Okeniyi
10 Feb

Love is not only greedy but some how crasy, openess among the couple is the best bet. This valentine season couple should exchange love and enjoy together.


Suny Ag
11 Feb

Love is certainly greedy and even more demanding. Love knows no limit or never satisfies. 


Funto Adetiloye
10 Feb

Love is to be cherished by human, but deceit has turned love to pain. Promises made by partners should be kept as this strengthen love. I love your lines of love together with the love card . They all look romantic.


Suny Ag
10 Feb

Thank you, I never make any hollow promises.


MS Khan Pk
10 Feb

That has been so great and ofcourse very romantic as well.

I am of the openion to have a great valentines day in everyone's life. Thos have valentines have a very happy valentine's day on 14th Feb 


Suny Ag
11 Feb

Thanks, buddy!


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
10 Feb

Wow nice one Sunny👍🥳

When you find love, cherish and nurture it, then it will grow. 

Btw I love the card you made with I and Hafsa profile pic . Thank you for being so generous haha. 


Suny Ag
10 Feb

Thanks, I hope you are enjoying your Valentine's Week with your loved ones. For me, every day of the year is Valentine's Day so I see no difference apart from spending a little more 😀 Thanks for not rejecting the card :)







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