Hello everyone!

As you probably know, Sunday is Valentine's Day!

A day for you, young couples passionately in love, but also for all couples who have been living a beautiful love story for more than 50 years.

This holiday is also special for all those who are looking for love.


Some interesting figure about Valentines Day;

  • Valentines is the 3rd commercial event of the year, after Christmas and Halloween

  • 35 Million boxes of Heart-Shaped Chocolates offered each year in the USA

  • 1 Billion cards are exchanged around the world during this party. 

  • 27 Billion Dollars spent on Valentine's Day ( just) for the USA.

  • 3 times more men than women feel obliged to give a gift on this particular day



For this occasion, Rapids Network wishes to make you enjoy Valentine's Day in its own way, by organizing some games and contests based on these figures.

  • 35 LinkShares will be randomly sent to DM’s for members who use #ValentinesLinkshare

  • 3 Winners for a MEME Challenge held over Valentines weekend.

  • 1 Lucky Winner will receive 1 million $RPD by using #ValentinesLinkShare on their Social media posts.

  • 27 Active Members of t.me/RapidsOfficial will be tipped $RPD 

  • 3 Lucky viewers from our Valentines Ball streamed LIVE on Sunday only on Rapture.TV will each receive 100,000 $RPD


This year we are honoring the Number '3' - As in the year of the 3 years of Rapids Network.

'3' as Rapids Network is:


preview not available

Good luck to all, good luck! And may love be with you


See you Soon

Rapids Network


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