V1.8 Release - More people, more private & bug fixes

With the v1.8 release, Status aims to improve your control over your communication and your finances. Private group chats, which not only end-to-end encrypt all messages, but also keep the members of the group private, have doubled their capacity, now allowing up to 20 members. Status can't see who's in a group, who's talking, or what is being said. Truly private messaging.

Additionally, you can now opt out of connecting to history nodes under the Sync settings. For our at-risk users, we are taking additional precautions to provide a greater degree of privacy for those who need it. It is important to note that even while using a history node, your messages will remain end-to-end encrypted at all times, inaccessible to even the node operator themselves.

Finally, Status now offers an improved control over your wallet by allowing the addition of new ERC-20 tokens of your choice by making use of the 'Scan tokens' option.

- Increased private group chat size to 20
- Allow users not to connect to history nodes
- Added scan button to fetch ERC-20 tokens

- Fix browser issues with logging in on github.com
- Fix bug with mentions not resolved in messages with markdown
- Fix blank view when open yearn.finance
- Fix entering “0x” in recipient field

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see our Github.

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Private, Secure Communication Status is a messenger, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology. An Open Source Project Status is completely open source and made by contributors all over the world. Developers, designers, creators, educators, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and more – everyone has free and open access to the repos, assets, and information. Mission & Principles Status strives to be a secure communication tool that upholds human rights. We enable community money, community law and through privacy, preserve culture.


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