We waited at the airport on friday afternoon for the arrival of the most classiest and expensive limousine decorated with UU banners, SHE (BOBRISKY) did provided it to make us comfortable!

     Inside was so cold and appealing giving us the state of relief!


Wait a minute wutts! It's UU CLASS TRIP AGAIN OMG!! 

absolutely amazing!

This class trip would be so awesome and hilarious... you can always come along!

   Hmmmmmm where would we go to for the trip? The last time we went for a class trip it was to the northern island to see Aurora Borealis.... so magnificent to behold!


  And this time it's going to be DUBAI why would it be that place.... you want to know right!

  Well DUBAI is a great city of excellence where people all over the world come for relaxation, entertainment, refreshments and pleasure.

  DUBAI is a city and emirate in the United Arab known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, a lively nightlife scene and an awesome view making you feel so so relaxed! 


    Amazing part of it is that we are partying with the celebs hehehe let me break it down “celeb” actually means “celebrities” wutts!

What a privilege to be partying with the most popular of people well known in Nigeria.

    Uptrennd University has been in existence for two years now, making impact in the lives of different people from all over the world like Nigeria, Pakistan, India, USA, Ghana and also Kenya.


          Now we have a target.... and you know too well that it's all about #1upto600 plan.... this reason is to make the value of a 1up to be more than $600 isn't that plan amazing.... just like the way bitcoin rises !

              We also run charities too by helping one another together in achieving our drEEm together.... working in unison it's the best so far, having so many projects at hand, you remember our #dreemflare project, we would want to see you, yes you making your drEEm a reality awesome... that's our priority but we need your assistance too!


     Because of this ASPIRATIONS of Uptrennd University we have celebrities that is willing to take us to the world finest tour center which is DUBAI.

         The most influential, famous and notorious celebrity is BOBRISKY, that is his name or her name perhaps her decision!

   The world most know crossdresser BOBRISKY she is endowed with luxury and has the capacity to take us all for the tour.....she is well known for lavishing cash on her followers....also she has open mind ,she welcomes everyone to her abode...so classy you need to see her in person.



     I spent some little time with her and she expressed how awesome we the students of uptrennd university are...and she also promised to spread the word of uptrennd university everywhere and would assist in the project of #1upto600 plan.

    She drives expensive cars and am pretty very sure she will make this tour a unique one.......she provided her private limousine for this hahaha this is awesome!


     That has been my drEEm to meet with the unbeatable BOBRISKY......so fascinating, fun to be with, too classy, too elegant.


     Trenndians you guy's are really missing out in UU, I urge you guys to come in for the next session...which is ETA... only if you're willing to be consistent in what we do!

Header Image from BOBRISKY page with permission edited with canva......lines by @Not penderis.




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Princess Busayo
15 Jan

Hehehe, I don't think I can ever party with such celebrity. Bobrisky has made me dislike him for turning himself to another creature. Well, it's a good thing he has promised to help in the project of #1to600plan.

Have fun guys with Bobrisky.


Cesca Jove
15 Jan

He is a creature and human just like everyone else he made his decision to look like a lady .

I just like the fact that he was the one taking us for a tour.... dining with him/her was cool .


O.P iykman
15 Jan

Heh hehe 😂😂😂. 

Believe me, Cesca Jove, I am laughing.

Well, I won't talk now 😂.

But from what I heard from some people on the internet it seems Like Bobrisky is not a she. Though I haven't been to Nig before. 

From your explanations, I noticed that you enjoyed the excursion to Dub. DuB is indeed a place of rest lol.

I hope the #1upto600 will soon get to the hands of some notable people who can help with its realization.

Well done Dear.


Cesca Jove
15 Jan

HEHEHEHE 😂😂.....if you read carefully I said notorious crossdresser lol...... because I Knew he was a he not a she..... but preferably he wants to be a she!

Everyone has choice right yaaay


Mimi Jay
15 Jan

I'm just imagining how fun the trip would be with him, sorry her infact She male.... Bob is a cool guy lady and  I believe you had fun, if not for her for the fact it was DUBAI 😘..

Enjoy more dear


fuh Fyfh
15 Jan

Güzel ama Devam etmeliyiz


Oneray I.
15 Jan

I had never heard of Bobrisky, therefore I will have to check the internet to know his career; However, I must admit that the fun is unmatched because it is your dream come true.







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