UU party with my world class celebrity


I have heard stories about a gold mine but have never gone to one not until my most admire celebrity and spiritual father Apostle Joshua Selman that own one of the biggest and power goldmine on the earth invited us for a fun party at his castle inside the gold mine, I could not believe my ears and eyes when I first heard it and I saw it, I was like wow this is heaven kissing the earth.


Apostle Joshua Selman Haven seen and heard about what we are doing on Twitter, uptrennd and Instagram together with Facebook was so moved, he is so proud of us wanting to see the growth of 1up  ie #1upto600 and the whole work in the university building and connecting in love so he decided to organize a fun party and prayer for us to shift us to the next level.




On that very Friday, I couldn't believe my eyes, I saw helicopters everywhere 

 and they came with heavenly melodies  

, the song that had never been sung before, I notice how all UU students connected to the song and I asked the angel I saw beside me that why is it so, and the angel responded you are bond by love at uptrennd university and you all are a reflection of the Divine, I was perplexed and speechless, it was very real more real when we landed I saw the street all were made up of Gold, 

I shouted in Joy and rejoicing this is heaven the dwelling of the Divine, immediately I saw children in their numbers coming with herb and all sort of musical instruments that the Earth is not worthy of only the Divine use such, in my mind I said to myself God the creator of the universe is here guys no more going back to earth, the angels were full of joy to receive us all into the banquet party, we dance and sang with all that were present and suddenly Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak came in and there was a sound that usher him into the party, as we behold him his face was transfigurated and he started pulling out his heart to us praying and asking God to strengthen the love at uu and he calls our able Chancellor out and all the official of UU and prayed for them releived the anointing upon them to go and impact and win for Christ after that it was a party all through the night.









James Essien
15 Jan

Am believing this because everything I see on uptrend are alway truth.

this is so incredible and nice.1up must reach 600 and more we need to rejoice once again.


El Salvadore
15 Jan

Men, that is one thing that I also wanna play my eyes on.. wowowoww

..a gold mine?

That's is sure amazing and Excellent 🤤🤤🤤.

How I wish I was there with you guys, to witness the "heavenly" allure


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
15 Jan

We re going next time with you ma 


KimJoe Abara
15 Jan

Wow wow...

I wish wishes would always come true..

We would always for a day where 1up will rise like this...

But am not giving up hope..

I believe one day.. we are gonna rejoice


Tiger Lily
19 Jan

wow - this was almost like a vision here! hahaha

something that was transcendental really!!!

I pray that God would do wonderful things through UU :)  and that His will would be ultimately accomplished through all the blessings that we get to be a part of for others!  :)


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
19 Jan

WE  are peculiar beings ,we are special and all we do will make mark and the impact must be great and it will outlive us in Jesus name.Amen







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