Utility of essence !

Essence is not only in the behavior of our daily life, but is actually the source of our feelings like pleasure, happiness, prosperity, all the sensations we cherish or want to achieve, they all cooperate and reciprocal with others.  Depend on behavior.  In the same way, the higher level of feeling you get from the perspective of being a practitioner of the path and how much you develop in your spiritual path depends on the cooperation and mutual harmony of other beings. 

In this way, other elements are in one sense our true sources of joy, happiness and happiness.  The basic joys and pleasures of life, such as food, shelter, clothing and fellowship depend on all other elements, fame and fame are also the same.  Our sense of happiness and security of what others think about us depends on their love for us.  It is as if human love is the basis of our existence. 

Without love, our life cannot begin and our nutrition, proper utility, development, etc. are all dependent on it.  

The more you think towards others to get a calm mind, the deeper your self-satisfaction will be.  The moment you develop a sense of thinking towards others, others appear positive.  This is simply because of your own mindset.  On the other hand, if you reject someone, they will appear negative to you.   

Theother thing that is absolutely clear to me is that from the moment you think only about yourself, the whole center of your mind becomes narrow and you may find unwanted things to be huge and unhappiness over you, but the moment  When we think about the good of others, then our mind gets wider.  

Therefore, the meaning of our life lies in doing good to others and keeping positive thoughts in mind towards them....

​Now you are welcome in the comments section with your thoughts.

​Thanking you !




Khizar Baloch
22 Nov

absolutely right said. the real meaning of life is to be positive for others and always try to do some things better for others. 


Chidiebere Christian
22 Nov

The thoughts that run down in us are diverse but we must not stop there . Wwmsut think of ways to make other people happy as well


Eric Mannie
22 Nov

Yeah what is life if you can't do good and share love to others


Saira Kakar
22 Nov

Exectily essence is our nature but we have to use it for our posativity in this way its became big source of success and an happy life 


Ayoola Adegoke
22 Nov

You have said it all

The way of life is by doing good to others 

This is what will be in existence after we are gone 

Let's be mindful of how we relate with people around us







What does it all mean?


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