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21 Oct
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Use the Downvote Button!

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Victoria Haruna 7 months ago

I see no reason why empty posts such as, ‘Bitcoin is good’, ‘what is the price of bitcoin’ or even irrelevant undescribed images should amass as low as 5 points.

I would call that a total U4U gamification and a reason to be investigated. A downvote t osuch post means it hasn’t been read.

As long as I see this! The downvote button becomes my next option.

Its hurting to know that some who work so hard to publish a good post do not get such attention in terms of upvotes.

Shadda 🇵🇰 7 months ago

This gamification must be stop.

Jeff Kirdeikis 7 months ago

"Bitcoin is Good" posts should land in the negative.

There is no reason they should earn anything for adding no value.
In my opinion, they crowd the platform and detract value from everyone else,
so they should be handled as such.

Zahid Iqbal 7 months ago

But Mr. Jeff that's not the only matter, 

All you moderator are also here to keep these like activities monitord but there is nothing like check and balance, as you can see what happend to this post of mine;

One of the Moderator ''st3v3 T88888'' noticed my post and appriciated my post as you can see below;

and also upvoted it too;

Despite this three members downvoted my post, 

may be by mistake, but if it is not his mistake then why someone downvoted this post,

If there is any thing objectionable any one of the moderator or member can conclude or advise to make it better.

You have to do something redical to security and improvment for the struggler's efforts.

St3v3 T88888  7 months ago

We cant stop people downvoting your posts if they do not like them, not everyone likes the same thing in anything in life

Ilin Kazandzhiev  7 months ago

You are absolutely right, Steve! :)

wayomirwoth k 7 months ago

Yeah this is quite serious and really need to be taken under consideration

the fact of the matter is that mojority joined without really knowing the intentions of uptrend

i did just talk about this with someone who refered me and this post comes to emphasize the point

I think it is neccessary to understand what uptrend is all about but posts like this may also help people to grab uptrend well otherwise im seeing more restrictions coming up

Its a great post i did recommend this!!!

Busola Akinlolu 7 months ago

I think by now, everyone using this platform should be abke to differentiate a good quality post from a bad one, only if users truly take time to open a post and read it before deciding to either upvote or downvote then we would have grown past this stage on this platform. It's very annoying to see empty or shitty post marked as OC, I hope everyone get to make use of this arrows in the right way and stop the act of upvoting for favorism sake.

Everyone wrong act on this platform should get a downvote or be reported, don't wait for an admin, you also have the power to right a wrong.

Shadda 🇵🇰 7 months ago

Yes maam power is in Uptrenndian fingers

Skyway Poster 7 months ago

Great Decision sir.

Some People simply copy and paste from different websites and post in OC section without understanding.

They must should be downvoted and also reported every time to admin team .

Manish Rawat 7 months ago

Finally a post highlighting the importance of downvotes, thanks for taking the time to write about it. I am sure  that with this post everyone will follow this new guidline and download low quality content. This will no doubt help improve the quality of content on uptrennd. All the new changes implemented so far have been a blessing.







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