Use Software as a Service without losing your tokens

Hello everyone, 

We are thrilled to be part of Uptrennd!  In this, our first post, we would like to introduce what Merge is and what we offer to developers, crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts. 

Said in a few words, Merge is a group of teams and individuals that provide Software as a Service powered by the blockchain. With the support of our cryptocurrency, MERGE, we generate income for developers who contribute with services and offer unprecedented benefits to users and partners who consume those services, thanks to the use of Tokenomics.

Developers are invited to build apps and any software solutions they wish to publish with us. These can be blockchain and non-blockchain based. They get paid by us for the services being used by consumers.

Merge acts as a third party between developers (providers) and users and partners (consumers), regulating the flow of funds in a given transaction. Particularly, we act as the trusted third-party for holding MERGE tokens between the two transacting parties.

We pay on behalf of the consumer for the services being in use. The key concept is that, unlike other traditional escrow services, we pay the consumer's bills without touching her/his capital or principal amount. This is possible thanks to the token economics, or Tokenomics, that is being applied:

During the time of the agreement between the consumer and the provider, our Escrow Service stakes the consumer's MERGE tokens and places them in masternodes. These masternodes receive staking rewards for providing security and connectivity to Merge's blockchain.

These rewards are used to pay the provider.

The terms of the agreement can be extended by both parties, allowing the consumer unlimited use of the service. The consumer's invested capital is returned to the consumer once any of the two parties decide to not extend the terms of the agreement.

Find all the details on our Website:

Thanks for reading this far and, until the next one!

Merge Core team



preview not available Victoria Haruna
29 Jun

Awesome! Its so glad to have the Merge project join us here at Uptrennd.



Akintunde Hussein
26 Jun

Wow. This sounds interesting and captivating.

I think I'm pretty much interested in this



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