Use rose water daily and beautify your face

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Rose water works like a cleansing on our skin. Applying rose water on the face daily cleanses the skin and makes the skin clear and transparent. There is no harm in it. A few drops of glycerin and a few drops of lemon in rose water.

 Applying it on the face makes the skin very radiant and also removes dryness on the skin. If we clean the skin daily, the skin stays perfectly clean and there are no spots or pimples on it. Is a very good cleansing. Most people apply rose water at night and take care of facial hygiene. Rose water is also applied on hands and feet.

 It makes hands and feet very soft. If you want to use rose, then make a lotion by adding a few drops of glycerin in rose water and apply it daily on hands, feet and mouth. This is a great lotion for you. Rose water is also used as an eye cleanser. 

We work every day and dust accumulates on our eyes and it is very important to clean our eyes. For this, 2 drops daily at night. Sleeping with rose water  cleanses the eyes and makes the eyes look beautiful

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Arslan Shani
02 Mar

Flowers play important and vital role in our society and spread fragrance around us . when we use water of rose flower then it can clean our skin and create freshness


Gohar Ali
02 Mar

Rose water give freshness to your skin. Its also good for eyes. But i am too lazy to do some care for my skin.. But for month i used rose water and at that time my skin was fresh and clean. 


Hina G
02 Mar

Yes rose water is very benificial for us i apply rose water on my face every day.


Lubna Rao
02 Mar

Flowers and it's water are lot of benefits for our body. 

Specially it make our skin white and fragrance. And attractive. 

Flower are that thing everyone like it and they feel us a sense of Fresness. 


Dushka Aziz
03 Mar

Its so effected..its gives natural beauty to our skin..must bi applied daily..







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