USA govt passes a resolution recognising Tibet

Greetings Uptrennd army, this week, November 2020, in the midst of a legal battle to determine the president of America, both parties in the USA House of parliament agreed to a bipartisan resolution “recognising the cultural and religious significance of an autonomous Tibet.” 

In this historic resolution, America officially calls for peaceful solutions to the conflict between the CCP Chinese dictatorship and occupied Tibet. This resolution went further and officially recognised the genuine autonomy of Tibet and the Tibetan people, which directly contradicts the CCP. Furthermore USA now officially appreciates the work of the 14th Dalai Lama in promoting global peace. 

The American govt is actually going to meet with the Dalai Lama to discuss peaceful solutions to Tibet’s internal conflicts. And those conflicts are directly against China. This is a powerful push back against the global plan of China to take over the world, one nation at a time. And it will increase tensions, leading to war in my opinion. 

With the American govt officially showing support for the Tibetan people’s aspirations toward internationally recognised human rights and freedoms, as well as the protection of their distinct religious, cultural, linguistic and national identity, they are declaring war on China. That’s my opinion.

China is a dictatorship and wants to take over the world. That much is obvious to any informed researcher. They invaded Tibet in the 1950s already and killed numerous Buddhist monks and priests, smashing their temples and pushing Han Chinese people into Tibet to colonise it. This crime against humanity went unrecognised by the governments of the world for over half a century.

Over 6 million Tibetans now live as refugees all over the world, scattered and blocked by the criminal Chinese Communist Party from returning, under fear of death. This crime must be called out for what it is and #FreeTibet must ring loudly as a call throughout the planet. 

The CCP have also recently started smashing Inner Mongolia in the same way. It’s an autonomous region in the far north, but is claimed by China. They have their own distinct language and culture but the CCP is dictating that the language must go. Schools are being ordered to give up teaching in their own language. Citizens there have been oppressed in most inhumane ways by the criminal CCP.

Furthermore, we have all heard of the Muslim Uighurs in far west China, who are being arrested and forced into concentration camps by the million. Men have been forced to shave their beards and all those in the re-education camps have been forced to renounce their Muslim faith. 

I have full respect for anyone to practice their chosen religion or cultural path, as long as it harms none. Muslims are loving, peaceful people, despite an extremist element demanding that non-believers be re-educated. As for Buddhism, it is encapsulated in the concept of “ahimsa” or no harm. 

So the higher principle is that all humans are allowed free speech and the right to practice their ideology, as long as it harms none. Therefore what the CCP is doing to the Muslims in their far west province, is a crime against humanity. In these three instances, China is systematically invading its neighbors and colonising them by violent means. 

These crimes against humanity by the CCP are well documented and we all know of their genocidal ways. And all three of these cultural genocides mentioned are to be condemned and the perpetrators in the CCP must be tried in a law court and found guilty and punished by imprisonment. 

Since that is not going to happen because the rest of the world can’t stand up to this bully, then the next best thing is this recent resolution by the American government in favor of Tibet. By recognising the Dalai Lama, as well as the rights of an autonomous Tibet with all its citizens, America is calling out the CCP as a criminal for its invasion, cultural genocide and inhumanity. 

Personally I see this move to recognise Tibet as an effort to assist India, on the border of China and Tibet, to push back against the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Chinese military, who are now busy trying to invade India on the northern border. Tensions have escalated to their worst in 50 years right now, as the CCP continues its attempt to take over the world.

The Tibetan plateau is a major strategic water source for the entire Indian sub-continent and the CCP is invading with troops on India’s northern border, right there in the Kashmir and Tibet regions now. More than 20 soldiers have been killed on both sides in skirmishes between Chinese and Indian soldiers. And China is undergoing a massive build-up of thousands of troops on that very border.

America has pledged full military support for India against the CCP invasion, so Tibet is in the center of that ongoing war and, in my opinion, that is why the American govt has unanimously elected to support Tibet and openly decry any attempt by the CCP to claim legitimacy in its genocidal actions in Tibet. 

This world war is just getting started. And Tibet, India and Pakistan is just one frontier of the world war. The CCP will not stop their imperialist drive to control the entire planet, and they see the declining America, wounded by infighting and on it’s knees right now under election failure, as a good time to make their strike.

Fortunately America is not going down without a fight and this open slap in the face of the CCP – by recognising Tibet’s autonomous rights – is like throwing down the gauntlet. So too is selling massive armaments to India. This war will get messy and Tibet is the most peaceful nation, yet is it at the front line of the war. Water is an invaluable resource, and so the water wars will continue. 

I pray that Tibet and her people are preserved and protected. The Buddhist religion originates from the Indian Vedas, the original Sanskrit texts of wisdom. So much of the most valuable information in the world, is there in the Buddhist and Vedic texts and practices. Yes those are precisely the practices that the CCP wishes to destroy. They are atheist and place the political party as the only deity. They are willing to remove the knowledge on self-realization, and thereby forcing humanity to forget our true natures, as alluded to in the ancient wisdom.

The genocidal crimes against humanity perpetrated by the CCP over the past 50 years cannot go unnoticed and cannot be swept away to be forgotten. They must pay. And by officially inviting Tibetan political leaders to the White House, America has decided to stand up to the criminal CCP and push back. This is a further escalation in the tensions between the two nations of USA and China, who are actually already at war.

The planet is a battlefield right now. World War 3 has already started and it’s going to get messy. I hope you are prepared. Last month the USA administration hosted the Tibetan President of their government in exile, for the first time in 60 years. That shows you just how much the gloves have come off in the battle between USA and China – a battle that will lead to a world war as it pulls in all the other nations on the planet.

Of course in 2008 already, when China was hosting the Olympic Games, USA already passed a resolution asking China to end its crackdown on protests in Tibet, to release imprisoned Tibetan peaceful protesters and allow international monitors into Tibet. So at best this ongoing tension will simply smoke on, but where there’s smoke, there will most likely be fire. The tensions have escalated since 2008, over 12 years ago, and troops are being killed in the Indo-China battle this year, right there on the border of Kashmir and near the plains of Tibet.


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XxX offiong
25 Nov

One of the reason I still wanted Trump to remain, early this morning the Pope criticized the CCP government of the way they ste handling the Ulgirs Muslims as for Christianity it is dead already.

No matter what the Chinese does they will NEVER be world powers by playing "macho men", the USA NATO Russia and India will make sure of that

If the Chinese can't utilize the strength of " soft power", internalise true democracy within her borders and grants freedom of speech to her citizenry, she will go nowhere.

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