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#Uptrenndmyval Valentines Meme

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master claim 1 week ago

Many people are busy with Valentine's Day but I have different religious beliefs from you.

but tolerance is needed between people of different religions

Tim Carney 1 week ago

That's an interesting perspective.

I never really thought of it as a religious holiday, but it's true that the holiday has religious roots. 

In America, at least, it's just an excuse for flower shops to make their roses more expensive. Many places are charging $50 or $100 for 12 roses!!

master claim 1 week ago

many people take advantage of a celebratory event as well as at celebrations at our place indeed it has often been an event like that I think is natural

Tim Carney  1 week ago

Yeah, in the United States, people of all religions (and no religions) participate in the event.

Is it treated more like a religious holiday in your country?

Sundhari PriyaN 1 week ago

Yes.... True..! Uptrennd is more Asset...

(But you wouldn't get support from girls side)

Tim Carney 1 week ago

Haha. I didn't expect that I would! But hopefully the Uptrennd girls appreciate the joke!

Hope Avwerosuo 1 week ago

Very nice! Not only girls think Uptrennd but both parties. What about children?

Tim Carney 6 days ago

Children? I think Uptrennd might be a bit too advanced for children...but maybe teenagers?

Jonathan B 5 days ago

Isn't there a minimum age requirement for participation here? I thought it was 18

Tim Carney  3 days ago

Yes, that's correct. 18 and up, which is another, more clearly defined barrier than the difficulty one. 

Hilltop Immanuel 6 days ago

Valentine's day is so hype and overrated, although I know why. Valentine's is not even an international or national or religious holiday yet people are crazy about it. It is the misconstrued notion of love that is selling Valentine's day so strongly. 

Romana Grubesic 5 days ago

because it is so overhyped. marketing can create a gold from a bunch of shit. but if people like it.   :)

Tim Carney 3 days ago

Haha. Yes, very well put. Valentine's Day has simply become a tale of the success of effective marketing. 


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