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#UptrenndMyVal Meme Contest: My Love for Uptrennd is Priceless!

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Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

seems to me that everyone here on Uptrennd are going to end up single. all of you are in love with Uptrennd! I am completely different! I am in love with OC!

Jarau Moses 1 week ago

Hahaha still OC is on Uptrennd, so you are still in love with Uptrennd 🤣🤣

Dotun Deetee 1 week ago

Ahahaha...Once you are in love with Uptrennd then you are in love with originality, quality and adding values to Uptrennd. My faithfulness with Uptrennd can never come to an end.

Busola Akinlolu 1 week ago

Ahahah, uptrennd OC you mean?

Dotun Deetee  12 hours ago

I hope you enjoy the OC feeling then. It's entirely awesome.

Godwin Imafidor 6 days ago

That means it's me and you. I'm also in love with OC.

Dotun Deetee 12 hours ago

@Godwin I hope you love OC too the end of time while rocketing to the moon finally.

Jaime Marie 1 week ago

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day. Good luck with the contest!

Dotun Deetee 1 week ago

I am certain we will; you, the team, Uptrenndians are all my Val; Our sum makes up Uptrennd.

Ogwal Frederick 1 week ago

What a love..Uptrennd love blast is for real. Everything is in order. Good luck!

Dotun Deetee 1 week ago

Oh yes, all is set for tomorrow and I can not wait to flex and enjoy myself tomorrow.

Mustapha Mohammed Jeremiah 1 week ago

This is the exact way I feel being here. I admire you on this platform a lot Dotman. Trust me you are doing a great Job. Wish you the very best.

Dotun Deetee 1 week ago

Let us keep the passion and fire burning for this great platform. It is so beautiful!

Saqib Ajmal 1 week ago

You have lot of love for uptrennd 

I have also love with uptrennd family...i like your valentine contest good luck 

Dotun Deetee 1 week ago

Thank you for the good words and awaiting your submission for the UptrenndMyVal contest!







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