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#UptrenndFlyerContest - My Funplay design!

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St3v3 T88888 2 months ago

Awesome effort Dotun good to see you taking part now get it printed off and post to your neighbours door or in a shop window lol

Dotun Deetee 2 months ago

Thanks for bringing out this creativity out in me, didn't see myself designing before now. Taking part in your various contests is a bonus to n this community/platform. Keep it lit!

Hafsa Mansoor 2 months ago

awesomelike the most watery background

Dotun Deetee 2 months ago

Cool... Uptrennd got me having fun exploring my creativity.

Bushra Bukhari 2 months ago

That is informative,elaborated but not appealing too much, but good effort

Dotun Deetee 2 months ago

I will keep trying more designs as my creativity improves. Thanks for the insights.

Mohammad Imran 2 months ago

It's a beautiful flyer Dotun.🤩

It shows that you have the best designing abilities. I hope to see more creative work from your side in the coming days too.

Dotun Deetee 2 months ago

I have the technical know how to design but didn't by explore that aspect until uptrennd. I love this platform to the moon.

Idea Clipper 2 months ago

Welcome dear ... in Flyer Contest..

Dotun Deetee 2 months ago

Thanks buddy but MODs are not allowed to participate in the contest. But I am enjoying the creativity.







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