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07 Mar
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Uptrennd welcomes the DigiByte Community!

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Jeff Kirdeikis 3 weeks ago

Really excited the Digibyte community involved here on Uptrennd!

Digibyte has been a project I've personally looked up to since entering the crypto space.
I feel the moral compass of both of our projects are incredibly aligned, as is the warm friendly vibe of both of our communities.

Unlike the seasoned Digibyte of six years, Uptrennd is still in early growth phases, so be gentle with us 😂
That being said, if you have any suggestions on how we could improve our platform, let us know!
We prioritize the voice of the community and implement changes according to our members :)

We have multiple updates coming to the website in the next few weeks and mobile apps en route.
Big upgrades en route!

Have a look around, hope you enjoy, and feel free to message me, or any of the team with a badge in their username, for any and all questions :)

Micheal Adelabu 3 weeks ago

Looking forward to mobile app, and please we need more beautification of the UI/UIX

Jeff Kirdeikis 3 weeks ago

UI/UX updates coming very soon on both desktop and mobile 

Wakky-Lyon Trending 3 weeks ago

And a night mode of display too, thanks Jeff. 

van afitron 3 weeks ago

the mobile users are getting an app we the laptop users also want something we can download too.. hey.

Ofoma Stanley 3 weeks ago

Kindly check on my creation sir. I post a challenge every day and it runs for 100days.

i already have a mobile messaging design forum in my portfolio and would love you to check it out.

Luke Brenland  3 weeks ago

The mobile designs are already completed and being developed :) As Jeff said the Desktop and Mobile UI are on their way too.

Omoniyi Popoola 3 weeks ago

I hope the mobile design has night mode Incorporated for Uptrennd addict like myself?

Ofoma Stanley 3 weeks ago

yea. I know sire. I was only tryna share my skills. 

Tijani Qudus 3 weeks ago

wow can't wait for the Mobile App to be launched, big ups to the team... 

may this platform be the best in the coming years amen 

Ofoma Stanley 3 weeks ago

I'll be making a post on my Mobile messaging forum for uptrennd later during the day. I hope you check it out sir.

I'm a UI/UX designer as well as a content creator. 

Eurogee Chukwuka 3 weeks ago

Congratulations on your achievements

Amidu Jimoh 3 weeks ago

This is absolutely great hearing this information again. I cant wait to see the uptrennd running. I have already made uptrennd my home.

Cedric DigiCedric 3 weeks ago

Glad to have finally joined

Thx Jeff

Asghar Ahmadani 3 weeks ago

Ok sir  i have if any problem i will tell you  and sorry for that cmnt

Hemapriya Bharathi 3 weeks ago

I just joined in telegram group with an I'd  @Hemahs

Eurogee Chukwuka 3 weeks ago

Can't wait to test the mobile app! Kudos! 

Tabish Aslam 3 weeks ago

Yes sir Mobile is necessary now. Because when we are convincing someone to join it. They ask for app. There come problems while convincing them

Tabish Aslam 3 weeks ago

Sir can you guide me how to make telegram or digibyte ID.

Any link sir?

Omoniyi Popoola 3 weeks ago

I'm sure in Uptrennd character, there will be point rewards for download of this app from play store. I can't wait

Luke Brenland 3 weeks ago

We are honoured to have the Digibyte  team and community with us here :) looking forward to you sharing your updates here and getting to know you all better! 

DGB have always looked like a strong community and I think it is awesome, DGB had no ICO and is community focused! "The Power of Decentralisation" 

I definitely hope you will call Uptrennd home :) of course any questions/issues just drop me or any of the team a message 🙌

Jeff has donated 250 points to Michael @DigiByteMike 3 weeks ago

Ivan KR 3 weeks ago

Welcome, Digibyte community! Have a great time on Uptrennd! 🥳

Mercy Adekunle 3 weeks ago

Please can you explain what Digibyte is about, I think I will like to learn more.

Rudy Bouwman 3 weeks ago

Hi Mercy, 

check the websites,, and 

Any questions: hit me up.

Welcome to the DigiByte community 

Basuuta Marianne 3 weeks ago

Checked out the website, thank you, i hope this community will have alot to offer, hoping for the best.

Thank you

Sigge Baskero 3 weeks ago

Hi Mercy, welcome :)
DigiByte is a highly decentralized cryptocurrency with a focus on security, decentralisation, speed, and much more. If you are into cryptocurrencies and have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum, DigiByte is a combination of BTC and ETH, in a nutshell. We have a great, friendly and highly engaged community where everyone is welcome. As Rudy already wrote, you can learn much more on the websites he gave you.
Best regards

Sigge Baskero (find me on twitter)







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