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Uptrennd User Guide - In Depth Master Post

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Tiffany Gyles 6 months ago

Wow this is definitely a helpful introduction to Uptrennd for new users. Thanks Martin, I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this one.

Martin Kiel 6 months ago

I certainly hope they do! :)

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

This is great explanation! Easy to understand for everyone, and it contains all important info. Thank you Martin! This should be pinned/marked or something like that so that all new users can see it when they open their acount.

Martin Kiel 5 months ago

Totally! We'll see what we can do

Phill Breeze 5 months ago

Awesome, this prompted me to make my first post!

Martin Kiel 4 months ago

Ahahah that's what's up.

Jonathan B 4 months ago

Thanks. I will have to continue to use this to improve my understanding of the platform. At least I don't have to take a Udemy course to understand it. This past weekend, I came across someone selling a Udemy course on how to use Steemit and Steem related projects. I just can't even. I guess it's some peoples' cup of tea, but I just can't comprehend the vast majority of people ever wanting a social media/blogging site that is so complex. You've got your Steem, your Steem dollars, your steem power, now go and use this complicated system to fund your wallet so you can buy resteems and upvotes from bots so your post will be seen by more than two random people, haha

Martin Kiel 4 months ago

Agreed, a big challenge in building a platform like this from scratch is improving the platform without it becoming too complicated to use. That's *absolutely* a focus here at Uptrennd, we think UX should be made fun, interactive and easy to understand. What you see now is a first itteration and early beginnings.

As we evolve we'll be adding features, but always striving to make it as simple to use as possible. Some things right now aren't as intuitive as we'd like them, and we will get to them :)







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