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30 Jan
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Uptrennd User Guide - In Depth Master Post

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Tiffany Gyles 1 year ago

Wow this is definitely a helpful introduction to Uptrennd for new users. Thanks Martin, I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this one.

Martin Kiel 1 year ago

I certainly hope they do! :)

Shulammite Emeghara 2 weeks ago

I think people like me will benefit from this.. awesome well done Martin .

Arslan Anjum 8 months ago

Very good information very helpful for all new members

Romana Grubesic 1 year ago

This is great explanation! Easy to understand for everyone, and it contains all important info. Thank you Martin! This should be pinned/marked or something like that so that all new users can see it when they open their acount.

Martin Kiel 1 year ago

Totally! We'll see what we can do

javier arturo pulido andueza 7 months ago

the truth is that you are absolutely right, hopefully and soon it will be anchored so that we all have the information at hand, great idea!

aloha dreamer 9 months ago

Thank you Martin! I find myself returning to this post again and again because there are so many options here at uptrennd and so much to learn in terms of how to gain points, viewing options and engaging with others in different communities, as many of our community members have already stated.  

As was suggested in a recent post  by Jeff Kirdeikis, "July 27th Uptrennd is Burning 90% of it's token supply and turning into a deflationary currency" I've also done a bit of research looking at and started to join publishox but then changed my mind because it feels like they are capturing all of my FB account info; not very comfy cozy!  

Although I wasn't truly interested in joining these other sites, I can't truly say how wonderful being within the community of this fence is unless I actually travel to the other side and see what I'm comparing!

So far from what I've researched, there isn't another community like ours!.  I'm truly grateful to be here!

Martin Kiel 9 months ago

Our community rocks!! :D

Thanks for the positive feedback, we're also constantly improving the website, some big upgrades coming soon :)

javier arturo pulido andueza 7 months ago

that makes me very happy thanks and congratulations


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