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Uptrennd User Guide - In Depth Master Post

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Tiffany Gyles 1 month ago

Wow this is definitely a helpful introduction to Uptrennd for new users. Thanks Martin, I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this one.

Martin Kiel 1 month ago

I certainly hope they do! :)

Jeff Kirdeikis 1 month ago

Boom! Epic Guide! Well done!

Martin Kiel 1 month ago

Boom!( ಸ‿ಸ)♫ ♪ ♫

Romana Grubesic 2 weeks ago

This is great explanation! Easy to understand for everyone, and it contains all important info. Thank you Martin! This should be pinned/marked or something like that so that all new users can see it when they open their acount.

Martin Kiel 2 weeks ago

Totally! We'll se what we can do

Phill Breeze 2 weeks ago

Awesome, this prompted me to make my first post!

Martin Kiel 2 weeks ago

Ahahah that's what's u

Martin Kiel 1 month ago

Great! I'll continue adding info to it as time goes on too.

Adrian Tetoianu 1 month ago

maybe would be a good idea to have this as first pop-up when you sign-up ?!

Adrian Tetoianu 1 month ago

p.s great job on the post! helpful

Martin Kiel 1 month ago

Thanks ! We've discussed permanently boosting this to the top of the page for the first couple months, it'll also be included in the FAQ

Lance has donated 2 points to Martin Kiel 2 weeks ago

Jan Borgers 2 weeks ago

This should be a pinned,or boosted, or sent to everybody who signs up at the first time. Nice job Marti

Martin Kiel 2 weeks ago

I agree with that, 100%

Daniel Staggs 2 weeks ago

This looks amazing Martin!!! Very easy to read and all in the right place!!! Love it!!!

Martin Kiel 2 weeks ago

I do appreciate that :)







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