Uptrennd Update Report + Change in Referral system and upcoming features.

Welcome Uptrenndians!

Hope you & your loved ones are safe, wherever you are located in this wild wild world.

Time for a new Uptrennd Update:

Site Performance
Many of you already noticed and commented, our site got a performance boost. We did some extra work on the infrastructure and how our database was queried and already saw a nice speed increase. But we are not ready yet! These adjustments are only for Phase 1. We still have phase 2 and 3 to make Uptrennd a smooth experience.

New Member Milestone
Did you miss it? Guess not, we have 100.000 registered members. And when you read this, a big chance you are one of them. Congrats on being an Early Adopter. If you want to keep up with our growth, here is our public stats page: https://www.uptrennd.com/stats

Alexa is also happy with us, we are ranked the 20.810th website in the world. Let's keep trennding. 19.999th incoming!

New Events Community
If you want to stay on top of the Uptrennd events (engagement, competitions, events, trivia, etc) you can subscribe to our new community Uptrennd Events: https://www.uptrennd.com/uptrennd_events
And earning more 1UPs, why not? Am sure you have a good destination for them.
- Only Guardians are allowed to post there, since they are the only ones who can distribute rewards, but all members can comment.
- If you happen to speak/read Spanish, there is also a Spanish Events Community.

New Referral System
100k members is a big milestone. Time to update our referral system which will be done in 3 phases:
- Phase 1: Starting today, you still need to be level 5 and 2 weeks on the platform, but after that you will get 3 referrals for each new level between level 5 and level 9, and upon reaching level 10 there will be 4 more referrals awaiting you. The referral bonus will be 50 points per member.
- Phase 2: In this phase, we will add a special referral arrangement for Infuencers. Uptrennd Update will announce when available.
- Phase 3: Referral system based on new flexible criteria.

Is it still lucrative for new members to join and/or for me to stay? Of course, everybody can earn from upvotes, daily activity bonus and our many contests. Increase your knowledge, make new friends, get an audience, engage with members from all over the world. And even get tokens for that.
In exchange, we will continue with 2UP Tuesdays, which was meant to be a less regularly organized event, but due to big success (according to our steaming database even a too big success) we will continue for longer.

New Features
- When you boost a post, the title of that post will be visible in your Points History Table.
- When a person you referred signed up and successfully verified their account, their name is now also visible in your Points History table.
- Improvement in the video player, with less buffering and better performance.
- New design for the Login and Sign Up pages. Get ready for more design updates!
- Due to the number of withdrawals, the approval process changed to: Up to 4 days.
- And more, more, more. No time to relax, progress is being made. Always.

What's Next?
- The Uptrennd Mobile App (Android and iOS) starting to look like a cool real app. Still work to do, but we are getting closer.
- Uptrennd Citizenship. More info: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/introducing-uptrennd-citizenship~MzQ4OTg5
- Emojis
- Autosave on Posts
- Desktop Redesign
- ... and more hundreds of ideas, plans, concepts and features.

Looking forward to this journey with you.


Stay Tuned...
Uptrennd Update!

UPTRENND #HomeOfEngagement
Signed: Jansen



preview not available Kamran Akbar
10 May

Uptrennd is doings its best to increase price of 1up and it is really appreciated. 

We are all waiting for application of uptrennd since long and we expect it will come to us soon. 

That's good idea decrease supply of 1up and then price of 1up will increase. 

If we will go with the same distribution speed then our token will become worthless. 

Uptrennd thinking is really appreciable. 



Nikky Beba
11 May

The best way would not be assigning a smaller amount of UP? that is to say, that Up are distributed less every week?



Jackson Davies
12 May

The halving makes sense for a price increase, but the new referral system is not so encouraging.


preview not available ijatz La Hojita
10 May

A rain of "thank you!" for these updates and improvements!!

I particularly praise the posts autosave functionality (there'll be much less frustration when the electricity or our computer turn off all of a sudden ☺️) and the video player betterment.

The Uptrennd Citizenship is also a really promising set of mechanisms, in our endeavour to reduce spamming and the affinity territorial logic, that are affecting the contents quality.



Jackson Davies
12 May

Thank God for auto save. I've had my browser crash while on Uptrennd.

Wasn't nice.



Adetola Muheez
10 May

Great development

I adore your professional way of handling things

Keep it up management

We love your leadership



Donkyzhang Nobert
10 May

Yes, this is a real upgrade. Member on level 5 to 9 will need to read this because the referral system has been changed tremendously. Also, I believe, getting people listed in the points history is a great job. I have referred people before but I have never seen any on the platform, I don't know their user name but only see the 100 points added... 😂😂😂😂. 

Thanks a lot for the upgrade, this will help us build our platform even better... 🙏



Smyle .
10 May

Great uodate! The mobile app is one think i can't eait for. I look forward to it as it will help many of us browse easily wothout having probkem with these browsers.

Thank you for the autosave implementation coming soon too. This will help us compose directly on Uptrennd . i believe many people can't wait for this feature. 

Thanks for always lstening to the community. We shall get there! 








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