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27 May
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Alagba Festus 1 month ago

You guys are really doing in the Uptrennd University.

A job weldone to all the staffs and students of the Uptrennd University.

Princess Busayo 1 month ago

Thank you so much for your comment

Wakygrace Shammah 1 month ago

Good work princess i knew you would go hunting for the extra point, hahahaha, don’t mind me o, you did a great job, congrats on completing the second task 

Princess Busayo 1 month ago

Smiles. Don't mind me

Thanks dear

🛡️ Aniss Emma 1 month ago

They have really tried in their posts and they've done exceedingly we. It's nice that you've completed the assignment. You should have also checked on my post. I always do try to post as much quality as I can. Please if you can show more interest on mine. I'll be very grateful for that

Bakhtawar Saleem 1 month ago

Hey @Aniss ... am also doing this task.. n my list is still half empty ... If you like then i can introduce you in my post ... 

Princess Busayo 1 month ago

Thanks for that. You can also help include him too

Princess Busayo 1 month ago

Smiles, that is why we are here for you. I will check on yours soon. Thanks for understanding

🛡️ Aniss Emma 1 month ago

Here's one that I really tried my best on. I'd really love for you to check and review it. I'll also love feedback to know where my faults are and where to improve

Princess Busayo 1 month ago

Okay, let me check now. Thank you

🛡️ Aniss Emma 1 month ago

As I've said earlier. I'd like for you to review how I posted 

Bakhtawar Saleem 1 month ago

Ahan... I will complete it soon ❤ ... I know you will like that haha

Xofo Miles🔰 1 month ago

This is a good promotion for the community and an encouragement for the newbies

Beta team is really doing well for this platform

I will do well to go through the post myself


Princess Busayo 1 month ago

Thank you for your time. 

Bakhtawar Saleem 1 month ago

Congratulations @Busayo on completing 2nd assignment... em still struggling with it... I have found 4 awesome new members ... hope I could find all 10 by tomo....

Princess Busayo 1 month ago

Yes, it isn't easy for me too but I had to do it at all cost. Will be waiting for yours tomorrow







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