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Uptrennd trivia for clueless!

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Betty Ozemoje 3 months ago

Yeeeeh what a fun time it will be!! I will definitely save the date

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Put it in your planner!

Olufunminiyi Ojo 3 months ago

Definitely it's going to be fun!! Saturday is around the corner, patiently waiting!!

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Great Olu! Looking forward to that!

Yasir Mehmood 3 months ago

Yeah it would be great kindly tell me the exact time on which Saturday night trivia will be start

Jansen Admin 3 months ago

CET = Central European Time. (which is 1 hour ahead of UTC)
Or lets say: Amsterdam time. (which is one hour ahead of London time)

Victoria Haruna 3 months ago


Saturday night dedicated to the comedians right? 

Most certainly I would be there with a pack of popcorn. 

BTW you didn't include the time. 

We look so much better when we smile... 

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

You have to join! There are no excuses for you not to show! Thnx for time note!

qadeer joyia 3 months ago

Ah ha it is another chance to win prizes.. last night mean Wednesday night i got 2 or 3 rewards for giving correct answer.i can answer correctly but due to slow Wi-Fi connection i got late for every question.so in you program it will not the issue as you said. and i believe i can get much mire rewards for being a humor.si make ready many rewards for me

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Exactly! There are no late replies for humoristic answers :) this is like made for you :)







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