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30 Aug
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Chris Tibbits 6 months ago

That is awesome to read ! When I read stories from so many people on here on how they use Uptrennd or how it has changed their lives warms my heart! Good for you, keep it up!

Acheampong Emmanuel 6 months ago

Truly, Uptrennd transforms lives from negative to positive and from bad to better and this is what makes Uptrennd so unique!

Busola Akinlolu 6 months ago

Congratulations to you on your achievement so far on uptrennd. Glad that you find this place safe, authentic and worth it. Also to let you know that more beautiful things are yet to come with uptrennd, we are going to rule the world. Keep uptrennding and keep spreading the goodnews. Cheers!

Acheampong Emmanuel 6 months ago

Thank you for your inspirational words. Cheers to the success of uptrennd!

Noah Verner 6 months ago

Hello Sir Acheampong Emmanuel

I kinda have a similar situation, in my case, I am a researchist focused on cryptocurrency topics. I heard of uptrennd through a facebook group that is associated with crypto. I took the decision to join this particular community because where I live there is almost nobody that knows/understands/cares/invests on cryptocurrencies, and also because it is the first forum I met that pays to the content creators. 

Also, I think it is more effective to share my content through this forum than sharing it through Facebook or Twitter, because it's hard to engage people there and their Ads services cost high for me.

I hope to learn even more about this market, I believe much of the ICOs could bring real solutions to current big problems worldwide.



Acheampong Emmanuel 6 months ago

Noah, Uptrennd is a lovely community that rewards its members well on the contents they share here! I have blogged on other contents sharing social media before and from my experience, I can boldly say that Uptrennd is the best because its very generous when it comes to rewarding. On other content sharing social media, hardly it is to earn a dime from them. Some even don't rewards one for his/her hard work.

But Uptrennd is exceptionally unique. On uptrennd you could earn more than $5 daily only if you could work harder. To me, Uptrennd is the best when I make comparison.

Julio Crypto 6 months ago

Incredible my friend, I always received correctly from Google, but I also took many blows, wasting some time invested, although I gained more experience in the process.

Uptreend undoubtedly has a wonderful and transparent concept.

We will all strive to make it bigger and bigger.

Acheampong Emmanuel 6 months ago

Precisely my friend! Uptrennd is very transparent to all community members and this makes me love Uptrennd more.

Robert Reed 6 months ago

I agree that we need to spread the good news about Uptrennd. So many more people could benefit from this if they only knew about it. Thank you for sharing your story.







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