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17 May
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Uptrennd The Explained Series - All Help In One Place

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David Nweke 2 weeks ago

Wow... Good compilation well elucidated. This will be very helpful to newbies like me. Thanks for this. 

I want to suggest that a community called KNOWLEDGE BASE should be created, where this kind of post will always be. 

Kris JS 2 weeks ago

Hopefully something like that will be implimented at some point soon. It's been discussed with Jeff.

Bad shah⚫ 2 weeks ago

I am agree with you I also suggested

@Jeff to add a education related community it's very good and Change brought

Collins Atada 2 weeks ago

Thanks for all the links

It's sure useful

Especially for new members

It will help them find their way around here

Ayoub Khan 2 weeks ago

But one thing is useful for me,  the new refrall link thabk you sooo much for this helpful post

Hillary Powers 2 weeks ago

Thank you for taking your time to put this up, Kris. I've read a lot of Ivan's posts and I know they are very beneficial and enlightening for newbies and old users alike.

Kris JS 2 weeks ago

Yes Ivan is a great writer and gets the point across very well

Hillary Powers 2 weeks ago

You also are very helpful with your posts. I've learnt a lot going through your works too. An example is on the Halving and Citizenship

Kris JS  2 weeks ago

You are very kind and i appreciate your feedback

Excel Amzzy 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for trying to compile and make it easily accessible by al  readers.

I have heard questions about halving and now I can easily access it.

Thanks dear for the job well done







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