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Uptrennd Survival Strongly Need Another 'Someone'

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Jansen Admin 3 months ago

What a good post! Well explained, sources included, using a problem description together with a suggested solution. Impressed!

And of course we love to hear community ideas.

Your suggestion, especially with the color differentiation, will be discussed internally. It seems viable, we will check what the downsides could be.
And you are on point with the wasting of points and wasting money. Everybody benefits from a platform known for quality. Then it will grow, and the demand for 1UPs will grow with it.

Busola Akinlolu 3 months ago

This is such a brilliant idea, and i think I like it. You actually nailed the physiological part of how the human mind functions but i think this mindset can be redirected, but the gamers wont follow through with it.

Betty Ozemoje 3 months ago

Wow this is such a brilliant idea you made a good point its psychological people may not not necessarily send messages to each to vote them and receive vote in return. 


I hope the team consider exploring this beautiful idea

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Great solution! It would mean all of us will play a fair play. This way, at least some scamming games will be eliminated! Thnx for this post, it is just great observation and analysis of simple human mind :)

Yvanne Joseph Cabaccang 3 months ago

Way to go mate! You are really impressing me up! Keep that very creative and imaginativemind, it will surely have a place in the near future!







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