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21 May
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Uptrennd Support - Explained

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Victoria Haruna 1 week ago

Everybody should see this already. And not come to support with this complaints again. Especially that of down votes. I mean, how would I be explaining why another user downvoted you?

Safari Bangz 1 week ago

If you ask me who I go ask??

Mayank Jain 1 week ago

Hahaha, I can see from your comment how much of a headache these "I got downvoted" issues are. 😂

Kris JS 1 week ago

You've seen it yourself my friend so you know the issues 👍

Moscom Moses 1 week ago

Well said Victoria, It is really funny to know that you guys experience all sort of funny complaints from users.

Hope Avwerosuo 1 week ago

Thanks Kris for this breakdown. The needful is needed as explained here. 

It is well appreciated. 

Muhammad Tariq 1 week ago

Wao thanks for explaining uptrend in full detail 

You give a lot of information about this platform thank you dear 

Abiodun Oguntuyi 1 week ago

this will be of great value to the newbies and can also help some old timers as well. I myself gain something from this post.

Abdul Manan 1 week ago

Thank you for the detailed explanation about uptrennd. You always tend to carry people along.







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