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There would not be any green light, indicating that you're taking the right path until there is a life-changing result that come out of it.

Uptrennd is the future, I can see it clearly. Now, I'm sure that my writing career will go far and touch lives through Uptrennd.

​I joined this super-network known as Uptrennd just because I had made the decision to join. A book written to support and encourage you to battle indecisiveness. Know that without decision— the right decision, nothing good happens. I am the author of a life-changing motivational book titled: Decide Your Future great book for every person under this planet, who needs to decide his future and the future of his generations!

​indeed, a book will be written to honour the initiation of Uptrennd. For now, let's keep the vision alive.



Rash 786
16 Feb

We have to decide our own future whether we want to succeed in our future or to confuse ourselves with the nonsense. Only we have the right and the decision on how to live our future. No one can decide our future.


Godspower Oparaugo
16 Feb

It is a very critical topic of all times that requires close attention when discussing. Most times, some people find it very easy to blame others for their misfortune, failure and such like, but would hardly praise others for their success.

In not less than two months of publication, the book has sold close to 1,000 copies in Nigeria. It has also sold on Amazon but needs more marketing activities to promote it.

Our decision is our future as our Creator has given us the power to decide whatever we want, so whatsoever be the outcome of our decisions determine our fate.







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