I trust we are doing good, and enjoying double rewards. As I mentioned previously that I am going to start uptrennd reviews to spread positivity and to let people speak about what they feel about uptrennd. 

Today I am here with the first episode according to the project details. 

You can see it here 👇


So let's start,  

Uptrennd is not a social media it's an institution for me, all the times I logged into my account here I left with a lesson, a motivation, and a thought with me which is only because of uptrennd. 

                   Mahnoor Danish


We have four reviews for this episode. The first one is from the first person I interacted with on uptrennd, remained my and everyone's favorite. Kind supportive and generous. Thank you for your precious review, sir, 

Uptrennd is more likely home to me, all users are my family and no one will steal & ruin their home progress. I know how to Defend it, Guide everyone coming to a family, and help the new ones :) Let's protect our home together. 

            NAVI . Pakistan

Our own uptrennd Guardian, Adelan O, the first person I interacted with on discord, our game master Hehehe. Let's move towards what he says about uptrennd.

Uptrennd truly shows us what social media should be and is the real deal for a complete experience, in blogging, creativity, and earning. No other does it like Uptrennd.

                  Adelan O , Nigeria 



This episode is a special one, not because it's first but it's first in a sense everyone quoted interacted with me first place hehe. 

Cherry, now at a level 4 yet her comments, posts, and engagements speaks for the quality of a good photographer a keen observer, and quality commentator, I interacted with her when she was at level 1 having TWO comments only, and she wrote her SECOND comment on my post hehe it blown my mind and I promptly followed her for the quality and wisdom she poured into her words, her review speaks her quality concerns too. 

For me, Uptrennd is a great platform, and the interface is user friendly, I have read the goals and plans it's quite competitive. With the policies in-house. I think needs some revisions in a way like the level up system..it's just my slight suggestion..need to boost the enthusiasm of each content creator by adding some difference in every level increases the level increasing the quality of post content making-let says, for example, should set a limit of words content. I mean the minimum limit in that way the quality increases also this can also help lessen the interactions of scammers both for articles and comments Uptrennd has a very good vision just need some finishing or furnishing on simple things.

​​Cherry Harryianne, Philippine​​​


Saima adrees, a good racer, helping and kind lady, I got helped by her once for my racer when uptrennd was down Hehehe, a coach seeking help from racer, 

Uptrennd is all in one for me. Going through different communities is just like you are moving here and there and reading the mind of people, some are so intelligent and wise that you can’t imagine. Quality contends, writer, skill full person. I am happy that I m working with the thousand great minded people....whose post make me inspired and also encouraging me to be like them but cryptocurrency communities beyond my approach. I never understand it. 

               Saima Idress, Pakistan

So it was our first episode for the project. You see users are more enthusiastic and delighted to be part of the uptrennd family. It's time to announce the REVIEW OF THE DAY.

So she is the Cherry Harryianne who has won 20 1up for review of the day. Mention me in discord and telegram to have your money from me. My username remained the same. 

Thank you for reading.

Stay stunned next episode will be there next Tuesday.

Baayyyeee ;) 


Yours only, 

©Mahnoor Danish. 

The header image is edited by me, clicking on the name of the person writing uptrennd review will take you to their profiles.



24 Nov

That true uptrennd is just like real life community meeting new people , friends while you share  ideas

But for me uptrennd is like the classroom , where i learn and earn


Mahnoor Danish
24 Nov

Exactly, I think the same ;) 

Read a review by me hehe


24 Nov

I congratulate this boss owner.Who has made a surprise platform for us.I had a lot of trouble when I first came to this platform.Because I didn't know how to work.We have the utmost respect for our guardians.Praise be to Allaah. I have been working on this platform with interest for the last one month.Yes, this platform is our home.I try my best to work on it honestly and send good content.


Mahnoor Danish
24 Nov

I can see you improving. 

I encourage your adoption of quality here. 

All the best for your best quality content for uptrennd. 


Bright David
24 Nov

This is indeed a great initiative. I am glad you took it upon yourself to do this... Kudos to you for this initiative. I totally know it will stand the test of time.. I know you will have every support needed from the guardians in doing this.... 

Uptrennd is indeed more than a social media site to me. It's a home to me... There is never a day I log in that I don't leave with something new.... I appreciate the guardians and every member for making my stay on uptrennd worthwhile.. 

Best of luck on this project...congratulations to Cherry Harryianne for the win... 


Mahnoor Danish
24 Nov

You are welcome to the family.

We are happy to have you too ;) 

Thank you for embracing the project with an open heart. 


Chudi Otti
24 Nov

Miss Cherry is a deserved winner. She listed the positive aspects of uptrennds and also listed out ways she feels that the system can be improved upon. I might have a rethink and consider writing a review on the next episode.


Mahnoor Danish
24 Nov

Hahaha, I appreciate your presence here.

I am glad you are a lady of words.

Yes, sure I would love to quote you in the coming episodes of uptrennd reviews. 

Indeed @Cherry  is too good 🌟


hassan raza
24 Nov

well, uptrennd is like our home we learn many things from this platform.Uptrennd has emerged as a fair social media which promotes fairly monetary distribution among its users across the globe. best of luck to your project mahnoor. thanks for sharing.


Mahnoor Danish
24 Nov

Thank you @Hassan. 

I appreciate your wishes and contribution. 







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