Uptrennd Reorganization

While waiting for Jeff announcement on 1UP repackaging, I'm quite impressed with the current gain of 1UP prices but like most ERC Tokens, gas fee is taking profits of trading 1UP. 

I traded about 14,000 1UP recently which was about $320 and had to pay as much as $70 in gas fee. This at best is quite ridiculous as conventional banks will not charge me that much to send $320. 

So what reorganization I'm I looking forward to? Will 1UP token be going cross chain on other blockchains? I believe this will be a smart move but considering the fact Jeff Kirdekis is quite bullish on Ethereum, will he be magnanimous enough to help move 1UP to other blockchains with cheaper gas fee? 

Most friends I made on Uptrennd are people just starting with Cryptocurrencies and one questions most do ask is how to even convert their coins to cash oblivious of the fact it can be converted to other Crypto and traded on exchanges. If Uptrennd makes trading 1UP easier for these set of people, I'm sure they will score a bigger win. 

How about 1UP becoming a BEP2 token? Cardano is still new and I'm sure gas fee is cheaper there. Tron is good even if Justin Sun isn't too likeable but proferring solutions for teeming members of Uptrennd who are willing to trade this coin will be a great plus to Uptrennd and it's future goals.



Mr.Oxman Oxi
30 Mar

In future may b 1up is convert into trustswap or other token bcz the future of Uptrennd is bright it's price is increase day by day Jeff don't make fool us we believe on Jeff and he is our leader just little more patience then we see real 1up to the moon


Starlight Impact
30 Mar

The gas fee of exchanging is quite very crazy. I wanted to exchange but when I saw the gas fee, I just had to relax a bit 


Endeme Tariah
30 Mar

The gas fee is simply outrageous and heartbreaking...if 1up is moved to other Blockchain trust me it will be a very big boost to 1up....


Chidiebere Christian
30 Mar

Well, I believe that Jeff will really look into this gas fee of a thing. It's so expensive and I wonder who would ever want to trade at such expensive gas fees


Lubna Rao
30 Mar

1up is very beautiful currency now a days it's price is rising day by day and I can't exchange or not Take withdraw due to high gas fee... I hope on the launch of application fee solution solved... 







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