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Uptrennd Presents : Q&A with Monster Byte founder Tim Walters

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Luke Brenland 3 months ago

These guys have been around for a long time! They have definitely proved they have what it takes to stand the test of time compared to plenty of other projects in this space.

Gambling is a huge industry and its projects like Monster Byte that will be leading the race with modern gambling DAPPS, instant payouts, and many other benefits!

Awesome Q&A, Thank you :D

Lucas S 3 months ago

Cool, it's great to read about the new markets that you are looking to reach into using EOS. Not a bad move. The gaming industry is huge worldwinde, it's great learning about one of the more well-established companies out there. Thanks!

Busola Akinlolu 3 months ago

This is such a great read and ofcourse great idea at spreading out to reach every monster byte themed sites.beautiful plan, great idea and prospect. Gaming industries are making great use of blockchain technology.

Elena Demou 3 months ago

This sounds really awesome. The gaming and sports betting industry on the blockchain is a booming business! I kind of love they chose to go the EOS route also, smart move there! Looking forward to seeing the Casino when it is launched!!!

Mayank Jain 3 months ago

The fact that you are around from 2013 and still operating, says a lot in itself. 

I just had one question. You said that the primitive reason behind choosing EOS was To cater a market you aren't known well in. 

This sounds bit awkward to me. You choose your technological base because of marketing? Please correct me If I am wrong. 


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