Uptrennd offers more than 1UP...

Would I have loved Uptrennd if not for the reward?

This question kept running through my mind since I saw the contest that was organized by our guardian @Betty O

I wouldn't try to be a saint at this point because I might not have joined the platform if the reward wasn't involved but I ended up falling in love with the platform for many reasons. It is no lie that many of us wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for the reward but there are times we just need something to attract us to a bigger opportunity.

With or without 1UP, Uptrennd stands out among other social platforms in many ways.

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One thing I so much admire about the platform is the voice and audience it gave me. 

Before discovering platforms like this, I used to write different content even though it wasn't top class but I don't have an audience to give it to.

The importance of an audience is really great because they are the one who rates your content, they help you to know if you are doing right or wrong.

Who is a writer without an audience?

 I remembered writing a poem on Facebook but didn't get one feedback because it wasn't a picture, everyone decided to pass my write up.

I wasn't inspired to do more but joining Uptrennd changed things for me


It gave me the perfect audience I needed to showcase what I can do and I am glad I was accepted. The best part is that I can write in any community and still get the perfect audience to read my content.

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Acquiring knowledge is another thing I find interesting on Uptrennd, the knowledge available on the platform is limitless due to quality writers giving quality in every content they publish on the platform.

The platform strict law against spamming has made it the best and that is why everything on Uptrennd is about quality.

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Uptrennd has promoted the International relationship between citizens of different countries, this feels great to me as a Nigerian.

We have been labeled different things in the world which has made us have restrictions on some social platforms but with Uptrennd, we have proven that there are good things about us as well.

Uptrennd remains the best to me with or without 1UP and I am proud of how much it helped me developed my writing ability in months.



Hina G
16 Jan

You are absolutely right uptrenned give us more offers then 1 up. Uptrenned  can give us knowledge by encouraging us to think.  


Femi Jacob
16 Jan

Absolutely, uptrennd is a great platform, is a place where you do what u do best and shows the world how good you are, it is a place were you express your thought freely, indeed, it is a great platform, I'm happy to be a member.


Chidiebere Christian
16 Jan

Uptrennd offers more than what we had imagined before joining the platform. I was surprised to see the wonderful packages they offer.

As a UU student, am learning superficially what I had thought I wouldn't have learnt free of charge.

That's amazing if I may say


Top Np
16 Jan

Uptrennd is such a platform. The work you have done is good. If they support. Suggestions on how to do better if your post has weaknesses.Uptrennd is bright future of all users.


Amjad Ali Waince
16 Jan

Your spirit of love for uptrennd is something morvolus. Mostly says the reason it  earnings only . But you stands along firmly with or without 1up. 

Uptrennd to the moon!!!







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