Uptrennd News and Events Round Up

Calling all trenndians..... Lets all band together and get our votes in for the Hitbtc poll to get listed on their exchange through community poll on twitter, full details in the below post.

Less than 24 hours to get involved in the meme contest, check out in more detail in the below post on how to enter

Yasir will be hosting this weeks Trivia with "Pakistani Cricket" as the theme, check full details in the below post.

Dont miss this weeks Karaoke in the usual spot on Thursday, get your earplugs ready just incase lol

Nice contest to showcase your countries favourite dishes in this food contest, check out Jorges post below

Now this is fun, check out everyones drawing skills in this fun game of Pictionary every saturday in our telegram chat

Clueless our most famous event on telegram masterminded by Romana

Uptrennd's got talent.... lets see all the Uptrenndians hidden talents in Hafsa's talent contest, full details on how to enter in the below post....

Marianne West's Freewrite back for another chance to win some 1up tokens, get your writing skills posted on uptrennd for a chance of luck on the wheel spin.

Who is up for a fitness challenge?? Check out the below post for a chance to win 100 1up for your post entry, what have you got to lose apart from some sweat haha

Altcoin Buzz is back for another free review offer, check full details in the below post and get your project noticed.

Here we have a new monthly event called Uptrennd's Golden Post Award, this event you can enter as many times as you like as long as you share each entry across social media, what have you got to lose but remember this event will be judged on quality so get your thinking caps on, i cant wait to see how many people enter this event as its going to be a big one. Chec out full details in Kris's post below.

.....and finally Uptrennd Just Partnered with GDA to Provide Institutional Coverage and Partnerships🎉

See the full Press Release to find out what that means!👇




02 Jun

There are alot of give away and contest show going on this period which is good..atleast one can win something this time.

Nice initiatives..keep bringing awesome contest ..all work and no play makes uptrennd a dull platform.lol


preview not available St3v3 T88888
02 Jun

check out Uptrennd's golden post award event, you can enter as many times as you like as long as you share each Uptrennd post across social media for the month of June, lets see if we can explode this event.


Muhammad Tahir Latif
02 Jun

You are right, play is a fun on uptrennd along with hard work. But i am confused a little about give away.


Efe Amakre
02 Jun

summary of all giveaways and contest on uptrennd, very nice and least one can save post and always refer to it instead of scattering through profiles. I have voted for Uptrennd already 


Abiodun Pemisire
02 Jun

Uptrennd has achieved a lot for a start up platform,it shows how hard working you guys are. Kudos to you all.

Many opportunities to earn 1up and it's really encouraging. I think I will check all out to see the ones I miss.


Jay Bhe
02 Jun

Thanks for this up to date update on all happenings, I just want you to know I casted my vote for my beloved uptrennd already.. I've interacted with as many as the contest I can and I'm patiently waiting to drop my song for the trivia. 


Samuel Olaitan
02 Jun

Wow, these are actually a good updates to read. Thank you Steve for taking your time to updates us for all Uptrennd events. 

Please let's vote for 1UP to be listed on Hitbtc







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