Uptrennd New and Events Round Up

Wow the halvening has went live this is a great sign of good growth so far hear on Uptrennd, exciting times ahead here on Uptrennd. Check out more on the halvening in the post below for more information.

>> https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/the-first-uptrennd-halvening-is-now-live~MzI2MjMy

IOST writing contest is under way also this week and will run until the end of the week, check the below post for full details and how to enter theis contest.

>>  https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/iost-dapp-writing-contest~NDE3OTM3

Soon be time for this weeks weekly trivia hosted by me this week, full details in the below post.

>>  https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/general-knowledge-trivia-in-uptrennd-telegram-chat~NDE3NDI5

Thursday we have our usual Karaoke night which this week is cartoon themed, more details in the below post

>>  https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/thursday-night-cartoon-karaoke-with-uptrennd~NDE4MTA3

Friday night we have USA themed Trivia hosted by none other than Jaime herself, check her post below for more info.

>> https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/usa-trivia-this-friday-on-telegram~NDE3NzA1

Saturday wouldnt be the same with out Clueless Trivia, this event masterminded by Romana has been a huge hit since day one, you will find more details int the below post

>> https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/join-us-on-telegram-for-another-round-of-clueless-trivia~NDE3NDU3

There is three events running this week both of which end on Sunday evening so best get your entries ready and posted, more details in the below links right here

>>  https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/lets-see-your-petsofuptrennd-10-lucky-winners-a-share-of-1000-1up~NDE2ODEy

>>  https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/nature-giveaway-1000-1up-for-grabs~NDE2NjI0

>> https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/marianne-west-freewrite-contest-win-a-share-of-500-1up~NDIyNTc5

Want another way to stay up to date with Uptrennd? 

We are now on discord🎉

Follow the link to join 👇👇


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Exciting things happening this week so far and a jam packed week ahead, i wonder what next week has to offer.



Lucas S
26 May

So many great things going on this week, I am excited to see the participation and effort. The halvening has arrived, and now we get to see the Tokenomics of Uptrennd help grow the ecosystem. Good luck with all the contests, everyone!


preview not available St3v3 T88888
28 May

Im sure there is so many other event ideas we have planned that nobody has seen yet, its going to be an exciting year ahead for sure


proficient Olamide
26 May

Thanks for this compilationof event update. this is a very informative post of the dy, i will keep note to these. 


26 May

This is really a fun packed week and I would love to participate in all the activities. 

I have been learning my song for the Thursday trivia and I hope I win something. Lol

I also cant wait for the saturday night trivia with jameson too.


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires
27 May

Honestly Uptrennd has been such a briht spot this year - thank you for keeping my mind busy, Steve and other guardians


BitcoinBluesBrothers BBB
27 May

Uptrennd never sleeps. With all the amazing team working globally around the clock I'm not surprised the week ahead is full jam-packed with comps and activities. TEAMWORK makes the dream work. 

Uptrennd to the mewn peeps. get to your citizen level then hodl these 1UP.                             

Selling at these low prices you are crazy.







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