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I hope you will be fine and enjoying best of your days at home and your working places. Today I am here to take part in Emaan Ali's Contest about Uptrennd. I am going to describe my answers about this platform. If you want to take part in this contest, link lies

Here ​​​

Let's start the answers...


Q.1: What You Know About Uptrennd?


 Uptrennd is a Cryptocurrency based social media platform where you are awarded because of your quality post. It is a mighty platform with hundred percent authentic withdrawals and Decentralized Finance afflicted currency in which withdrawals are provided. Quality is the second name of Uptrennd. Any kind of spamming and scamming is not allowed here.

Q.2: The thing which you liked most on Uptrennd?


The most likely thing I always appreciated is the greatest coordination and love between the people. The quality posts always attracted my soul. Here is an organized system of social media work. No hatred is appreciated even sometimes accounts are muted for individuals.

Q.3: The thing which you don't like On Uptrennd?


I like everything at this platform except a few aspects especially comments loss. Due to network issues sometimes we lose our comments typed. Second thing is withdrawals should be abrupt.

Q.4: You are finding which thing on Uptrennd?


I am finding a beautiful supple at this platform. I am extremely single.😃😃. I want someone who may provide me with her love and affection. I can't expect more than a beautiful relationship of such an amazing family. I am kidding. Don't take the words serious.

Q.5: The Best Uptrennd User according to you?


The best Uptrennd user according to me is Aroosa Khan. She is very intelligent and  active lady. Her work provides me a great information. I always visit her profile to read her posts and take something new every time.

Q.6: The changes which you want on Uptrennd?


We should enable donate points option to the higher level users for example levels more than 20. It should also be enabled for those who arrange contests to provide them with sufficient 1UPs. Sometimes the contest is of  mini nature and the administrators provide 1UPs in telegram and discord that are not of use because of high withdrawal fee.

Q.7: The best gift/memory you got from Uptrennd?


I found plenty of friends here especially Aroosa Khan, Natiq Abbas, Kamran Akbar, Maryam Khan, Mughal Mirza and many more. My friends are my property and their memories are so sweet.

Q.8: The best person to whom you met on Uptrennd?


The best person whom I met at this platform is Cesca Jove . She is my tutor in Uptrennd University. Her beauty of the words attracted my intellect. I learned much from her. She is very nice lady.

Q.9: Which lesson you got through your mistakes on Uptrennd?


I was muted once at this platform. It made me realize about my mistakes. I found a way of life from the personal growth community. Many people are posting about life and it motivates me to perform as my life desires from me.

Q.10: What you learned through this worldwide Platform?


I learned through this platform  much more for example I learned that through love and affection we can win the hearts. With alliance we can  win the people living many thousands miles away from us without any proper knowing relationship. We are recognized by our work not by our names and affliates.

Q.11: How Uptrennd Brought Positivity in your Life?


I was a lazy person in my life wasting my time on Facebook and Instagram. I was always busy on YouTube watching movies. It was boring life. Then I joined this platform and learned how to create quality and work online to get money at lower level.

​image by: Emaan Ali



RinNy Mboro
10 Jan

You answered tho questions so well

And I am glad to know the best person which you met @Cesca jove because uptrend gives us then opportunity to meet new people

Goodluck in the contest


siddharth haribhai
11 Jan

i liked the way you have answered the questions. i can relate to your experience in how my uptrennd journey first started. 







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