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Uptrennd Memberships On The Breakout!

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Dotun Deetee 6 months ago

Jeff, i am not surprised of this trend because of the persons i have referred to uptrennd; one do not need to explain far too long, Uptrennd sells itself literally.

i am proud to be part of this platform!

Lets keep "Uptrennding"

Jeff has donated 20 points to Dotun Awosika 6 months ago

Jeff Kirdeikis 6 months ago

Glad to have you here!

And thanks for referring people here! Much appreciated! 

Ilin Kazandzhiev 6 months ago

Hey man, thank you for your feedback!

Acheampong Emmanuel 6 months ago

Uptrennd membership has increased massively and this shows that uptrennd is making progress! I hope that our membership population could reach 100,000,000 by the end of 2019!

Martin Kiel 6 months ago

100 Million xD within 6 months! Wow I hope so too, unlikely to happen though xd

Ilin Kazandzhiev 6 months ago

100 000 is the first milestone ?

єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 6 months ago

Heading to 6,000 range I am very sure before the end of this month we will be talking about 10,000 level. Great work form the team and members have been so much fantastic. Well done Team uptrennd.

Jeff Kirdeikis 6 months ago

Assuming no extra growth, we'll be at 6,300 by the end of the month and 13,00 by the end of the year!

That being said, we're starting to go exponential, so 25,000 by year-end looks like a conservative target!

єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 6 months ago

Awesome!... We can never tell what can happen within a week! Great Work guys!

Jeff Kirdeikis  6 months ago

Well here's an easter egg for whoever finds it. Next week, IDEX listing ;) 

Daniel Dalo 6 months ago

This is great news Jeff!! Thank you for sharing, this platform is definitely amazing and I think more and more people will eventually join, the features speak for themself and there is a great sense of community :)

Jeff Kirdeikis 6 months ago

Agreed :)

Community is the life of any social platform, and I've never seen a more positive community then what we have here on Uptrennd.

Glad to have you along for the ride!

Itliker Shadda 6 months ago

Wow sir we are growing very fast...here i would like to request all uptrennd that please invite your friends and family members to uptrennd...

I am doing that on different social lile fb and WhatsApp ...

I have also made a YouTube playlist of complete tutorial of uptrennd...

Everyday i am promoting uptrennd to my friend and guiding them...

I have made 50 refferall in last week...

Thanks uptrennd

Jeff Kirdeikis 6 months ago

Thank YOU!

"If we each do a little, we can all achieve a LOT" 

Itliker Shadda 6 months ago

Yes sir you are saying right drop water make river







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