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Uptrennd Is Taking Over!

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Muhammad Kamran Akbar 4 days ago

This will happen soon may be before the end of this year #uptrennd_rise_and_rise 

Omer Farooq Farooq 4 days ago

Dear year end is too far we will get the target very early.

Victoria Haruna 4 days ago

Too far. I expect this stats by April ending

MrMvST ' 4 days ago

What's your guess of when we'll get to 100,000?

Im going to guess summer!

Tim Carney 4 days ago

That depends on how well we promote ourselves.

If everyone on here invites one friend to the platform, we'll be there tomorrow!

I hope it's LONG before the summer, but we'll see! 

Omer Farooq Farooq 4 days ago

I think we will more than 100000 before start of summer due to adding of new communities.

Tim Carney 4 days ago

That is my hope as well: the larger the community size, the faster we'll hit new milestones.

Lucas S  4 days ago

I'll submit a guess and say 100,000 users will be found total on April 11, 2020. =) I think the wave of growth we will start to see in January and February will be great.

St3v3 T88888  4 days ago

Did someone say we would be there by ~Easter~ ..... Maybe???

Omer Farooq Farooq 4 days ago

Yes Steve after the new update 2.0 we will grow fast and surely at Easter we will celebrate 100000 milestone.

Omer Farooq Farooq 4 days ago

Very nice meme Tim yes dear we are not growing just towards 100000 rather we are going towards millions my dear yes active millions users we will see on Uptrennd soon.

joyce rebecca ruvare 4 days ago

Yesssssss,I'm looking forward and working towards that,if we all always try a member we will be there soon with in this year

Shmily Gul 4 days ago

Soon we will be 100,000. If everyone participate in it.







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