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26 Feb
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Uptrennd is going to award titles to its special VAs 😁

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St3v3 T88888 3 months ago

Always 2nd with about 1000 wins under my belt hahah that was funny so im guessing not always second, but to be fair i would have had more wins but i was helping people level up and letting them win for the $$ because life is about helping other people not always just succeeding yourself in life. Great write up man but you know i do so much more on this platform than you think than just post about games haha ... great post though it made me laugh

Jameson C 3 months ago

By helping people level up, do you mean killing their horses and setting them on fire? 🤔

Becky Ruvare 3 months ago

This is exactly what he mentioned in the article, you two are hilarious. Y'all are  like little siblings

Lucas S 3 months ago

This interesting story waiting to happen 

Lucas S 3 months ago

Lol good stuff, but is 2nd place winning?!? I think you win at GTA racing more than you let on hahaha

Jameson C 3 months ago

He wins A LOT. Usually if he loses its because Tree beat him, or because he and the rest of the guys are so busy trying to mess each other up that I'm able to sneak by and steal the win 🤣

Tabish Aslam 3 months ago

Lol sir. Good sense of humor 

Kamran Akbar 3 months ago

I really know everyone efforts sir it was just a fun and I am also your fan😊😇😇

Tabish Aslam 3 months ago

Sir we how much working hard you sir. Putting aside your own work you helping us to put quality material and gaining level up

Mutayyab Ur rehman 3 months ago

Bro you took my words here! They all are so nice that i can't mention some one special. More power to uptrennd staff. They are doing very well.

But here you skipped @omar farooq

He is the man with good heart. Hasfa always encouraged me and dotun is just a live wire  . 

Kamran Akbar 3 months ago

Yeah @umer Farooq is also one of the best and apologized I forget his name

Busola Akinlolu 3 months ago

Ahahah, you're so funny, but whyniys itliker the silent killer, that got me laughing hard.

Osato Jegede 3 months ago

Hahahahahahahahahaha, I'm speechless. I really don't know what to say, than to start 😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. One thing I know, you'll hear from @jaime and @Hafsa 

Kamran Akbar 3 months ago

But your still give just 5 upvotes. 😂😂😂😂😂 @osato why so generous and how? 

Tabish Aslam 3 months ago

Haha. Lol sir i also waiting to see their comments. Because thats very funny but reality 

Princess Aqsa 3 months ago

They all are so Nice ❤ i can't mention some one special. 







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