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12 Aug
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Uptrennd Interview With Crypterium and FREE CRYPTO GIVEAWAY

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Dotun Awosika Deetee 9 months ago

Whao... this is a very funcional and great crypto project. Thank you for bring this knowledge to us @Jeff. Now, i am really glad that i ordered my own crypterium card last week. Crypterium as brought crypto to global mass adoption, leading the market and opening funding opportunity all over there world with a very affordable fee but free charge of exchange on the crypterium platform.

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St3v3 T88888 9 months ago

Im In

Ah man i love this project ive followed them since before the ICO started and shared their news where ever i have went, I love the fact that we can send each other Crypto and it not costing a penny just by sending it via mobile number. That has to be one of their best features, but there is so much more that can be done in this App. Everyone should check it out and download it

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funky money 9 months ago

Im in !! Downloaded the app. We can Withdraw the coins to our bank account !!! Nice User interface and instant exchange 

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Matthew Rosenquist 9 months ago

Looks like a great app to reduce the friction of using and banking with cryptocurrency!

Are there any plans for it to support the 1UP token in the future?

Mayank Jain 9 months ago

I m in. 

I remember following crypterium from the time of its ICO, because the concept of a Crypto Bank was something I was myself thinking of. 

The best part Will be the "smart money" feature which will enable you to gain more crypto without trading which itself is yielding a better ROI than other financial markets. So you get even more returns, this is amazing. 

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