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23 Dec
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Uptrennd has sanctioned me and taken 100 points off.

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Luke Brenland 5 months ago

Hey if your not using your own content and using OC you will receive a penalty for plagiarism. 

Which post was this? Do you have the link? 

You can't use others content as your own. 

Ana Santacruz 5 months ago

hello, my content was an analysis of the news that I read and what I understood I expressed in the publication, however, my mistake was to place the link of the place where I read the news.
Thanks for commenting, in the post I put the name of the post where I was warned and the link of the news.

Luke Brenland 5 months ago

Its fine if its your own words but you have just paraphrased from a post on steemit?

Paraphrasing is still plagiarism, it has to be completely your own words and 20% can be refrences,images.

Is this your steemit account?

Ana Santacruz 5 months ago

if it's a new account, apart from the soyunasantacruz account I also have newsanalysis.

I should have mentioned it, sorry.

Thank you very much for your comments and taking the time to review.

Don Christov 5 months ago

Its all part of the learning process. We all were strikes at a point including me, grow and get better

Ana Santacruz 5 months ago

Hello, thank you for your comment. It's true that to grow up you have to get up.

Lucas S 5 months ago

Hey, I received a few autod message myself when I started on Uptrennd, as I didnt read the rules when I joined. Now, the OC tag has a message that pops up that explains the OC, and is there to prevent plagiarism or anything close to it.

Ana Santacruz 5 months ago

I read but the system attacks me and doesn't understand me, hehehe I'm joking.







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