Uptrennd Halvening Meme Contest--600 1UP for grab !

Assalamualaikum Everyone 🤝

Lets start with explaining the picture above!

Currently Everyone on Uptrennd is talking about Uptrennd Halvening. There has been seen a lot of sadness and craze due to Uptrennd Halvening from  some days. 

So, I thought to bring some fun about it , that's why here is a meme contest about Uptrennd Halvening 😍😍

Lets see how you express Uptrennd Halvening in a funny way lol 

How to enter the contest ?

1) Post your meme about Uptrennd Halvening on Uptrennd in Uptrennd Memes Community with #uptrenndhalveningmeme

2) Share your post on Twitter with the same hashtags and @Uptrennd @yasirme52951832 @st3v3-T88888

3) Share the link of your post on Uptrennd and Twitter in the comments section of this post 


1) One entry per person

2) Only those would be included in the contest who will post their links in the comments of this post

3) There will 3 winners and will be choosed on Wednesday 


4) you can post your entries till the end of 2UP Tuesday.


1st position: 300 1Up

2nd position: 200 1Up

3rd position: 100 1Up

​So, hurry up guys! Let's bring some fun and positivety about Uptrennd Halvening :)



Sarfaraz Ahmed
30 May

I have seen first time such type of contest, in which people post meme for fun and meme will be regarding halvening to promote it  and make people understand about it.

I am gonna participate it soon


Aadeez 🇵🇰
30 May

Really Good opportunity to win some free 1UP and also I liked your attitude how you people  stand up after so much critication.... I will be definately participating in it.... It will be amazing to create meme😁.. 


̶S̶h̶a̶k̶e̶e̶l̶ .
30 May

This yet another great opportunity from Yasir bhai to grab some 1UP especially in the time when it's not easy to earn.! Unfortunate for me because I don't use Twitter but best of luck to all the contestants...!!


preview not available Yasir Mehmood
30 May

You can share your post on Facebook in replace of Twitter 😉 if you want to participate


̶S̶h̶a̶k̶e̶e̶l̶ .
30 May

😂 Yasir bhai, I'm not even on the Fakebook..!! But I'll wait patiently for a contest from you where there is no Twitter or FB compulsory..!


preview not available Yasir Mehmood
30 May

I am still giving you opertunity , you can post on any other social media 😁😁


Olufemi Ekundayo Afemna
30 May

Thank you for this contest. I am going to prepare my meme now and submit my entry


Akintunde Hussein
30 May

Wow! This is a great opportunity to win some 1up. I'm definitely participating. Thanks for the great opportunity.


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