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Uptrennd for life - why I level up 3 times instead of withdrawing points

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Osato Jegede 1 week ago

Like I will always say, leveling up is what makes the Uptrennd platform to be fun and exciting. By leveling up, you're investing your points back to the Uptrennd community to enable her consolidate and stabilized herself for the benefit of all Uptrenndians. 

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 week ago

I am so glad you understand the basic foundation of how Uptrennd works :)

Robert Reed 1 week ago

I believe in the future of Uptrennd, and I think it will only get more popular with time. I think reinvesting points to level up is a great idea.

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 week ago

Glad you think so, man! :)))

Jan Borgers 1 week ago

i am in for the long run ,too. Levelling up and earn more in the bright future once the token is more stable on the exchanges.

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 week ago

I believe that in the future 1UP will be much more profitable

Mayur Gaikwad 1 week ago

Wow!! I will level up soon.... 

Alberto Dionisio 1 week ago

Great and inspirational ...keep it UP and that will inspire people like me to start doing the same and level up is the best investment here📈

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 week ago

I am really happy that my work inspired you :)







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