Uptrennd Double Milestone! - Top 100,000 Websites in the World and 10,000 Users

Uptrennd Nation!

Top 100,000 websites in the world and over 10,000 users, wow.

These are two significant milestones to have reached within a few days of each other.
Most importantly, we have not sacrificed the quality of our community to get here.

In fact, this has been achieved with $0 put into marketing.

We have arrived here through fully organic word-of-mouth growth.
Our growth is going exponential.

June: 500 New Members
July: 1,300 New Members
August: 2,500 New Members
September: On track for 5,000 New Members

Month over month, our new user growth is doubling. 

On top of this, we have some incredible updates coming out in the very near future, that will continue to propel our growth:

- Eve Update: Full revamp of the look/feel/operation on desktop

- New Tokenomic Model

- Deposits coming live 

- An upgraded server for much faster page loading

Once these are live, we will begin paid marketing of Uptrennd at full force.

If there was ever a perfect time to be a Trenndian, this is it!
Congrats on being part of the first 10,000 members!
We are working on a badge that you can all proudly wear next to your username for this accomplishment!

Uptrennd Nation, To the Future! 




preview not available Busola Akinlolu Awosika
16 Sep

Wow Jeff this is great, an amazing rapid growth rate, we have grown beyond imaginations, i am so happy we could hit the first 100k website all over the world within a short period of time, and also a round figure of 10k users, this is incredible. 

Uptrennd is an amazing platform, can't wait to see all these new updates coming up soon, this place will be a home i never want to stay away from. 

Well done Jeff, you're doing such an amazing job at keeping this place at it's best always.. Best founder and leader ever.


aloha dreamer
16 Sep

WOW, WOW, WOW!!  This is incredible and I'm truly excited to say that I'm part of the initial 10,000 Trenndians as well as part of the Uptrennd TaskForce!  

I don't always understand what it is that I'm being asked to do on the TaskForce, but when I figure it out, I do it! :D

I'm also sharing articles on social media and referring others because I'm very proud and honored to be a member of this community!

I can't wait to proudly wear my Uptrennd badge of honor!


preview not available Elena Demou
16 Sep

We are just going to grow faster and faster now. It's all uphill from here. Been a fun ride so far, very exciting! 


preview not available Mayank Jain
16 Sep

And I feel proud that I was a part of this ride from the start ❤️


preview not available Martin Kiel
16 Sep

I think you mean "It's all downhill from here" no? ^^


preview not available Mayank Jain
16 Sep

Time to roll out the major updates ?


Olufunminiyi Ojo
16 Sep

This is a great achievement for all Trenndian. I'm happy to be among the early adoptor of UPTRENND. The new badge would be a great honor. Congratulations Jeff and all other working tirelessly for the growth of UPTRENND.








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