Hello Trenndians, Sports has become a part of our everyday life, and in one way or the other we have all participated in one sport or the other, especially as little children or teenagers.

This contest, powered by Uptrennd, is aimed at awakening your memories and sharing your childhood passion for sports, with the Uptrennd Community. Let us take some time to remember the first time we participated in any kind of sporting activity and creatively share all you remember 😁😉, I remember playing football and also participating in some running and table tennis too, I'll leave all the sporty gist and details for my entry coming soon😁.

 Everyone is expected to participate🤩, and I know the ladies will have lots of entries. Is there really anyone who has not participated in one sport or the other while growing up? Didn't think so, Lol.

The best part is, sports brings millions of people all over the world together, making sure we are entertained, competitive and united. There is a large number of sports to choose from, as humans won't resist the urge to keep the body and mind active, of which sport totally offers, and much more.

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These are the set RULES for the contest.

  1. Write a post on Uptrennd with the title "My First Childhood Sport"  using the hashtag #MFCS at the end of the post.

  2. Head over to Twitter and tweet that Uptrennd Post Link on Twitter using these hashtags and mentions #uptrennd @Uptrennd @Adelan_O 

  3. Cross-post your Uptrennd contest post with hashtags(#uptrennd, #1UP) on 2 or more other Social Media Platforms, eg (Facebook, Noise or Read Cash, Publish0x, Swirge, Mind, Hive, ) pick any two.

Finally, when done with all the tasks, drop in the comment section, your Uptrennd  contest post link, Twitter post link, and the 2 or more Social Media Post links. Deadline for final submission is till 16th of January 2021, results will be released on the 17th.

You are all winners!!!🥳😎, But I can only award five users, of which I have one duty, and that is to make sure I read and engage all entries(do not Spam), the community will be watching too, so get your quality up, get sporty and let's have some fun.

A total of 1,500 🤑1up will be donated to the winners who will be selected by "Spin and Wheel" . 

1st- 500 1up

2nd- 400 1up

3rd- 300 1up

4th- 200 1up

5th- 100 1up

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Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Nigeria.



Emmanuel Isang
14 Jan

Wow......what a nice contest .....we have done many sports while growing so am definitely gonna participate in the contest as I believe am gonna win 


George Dee
12 Jan

Wow, I am seeing another contest today. I have lots of contest to participate in this week.


preview not available Adelan o
12 Jan

I expect to see your entry, hahaha, cheers


Bright David
12 Jan

Indeed this is a huge contest.. A whooping 1500 token to be distributed. I hope i am one of the winners. 

Indeed, sports is something that unifies us all. I doubt if there is anyone here who has not participated in one sports or the other.. 

This will be fun... Thanks for this opportunity of re visiting our childhood. 

Uptrennd to the moon and back to Nigeria 


preview not available Adelan o
12 Jan

I can't wait to see your entry, I am hoping it will be fun.


Bright David
12 Jan

It will be fun and I hope to submit an amazing entry... Thank God we have enough time to prepare for this. That's actually enough time to make my entry top notch... 

Thanks again for this opportunity. 


Ayesha Malik
12 Jan

Interesting topic;yes ladies would share more infirm regarding their favorite childhood sports😅

It's great to share entries on other social media sites for the growth of Uptrennd.

Surely I would partake in this contest.


Two girls Friends
12 Jan

Its another great opportunity for us. Thank you so much sir for your every efforts for promoting this platform as well as appreciating newbies.


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