Uptrennd City: The Game MISSION 6

I can't stress this one enough...

If you DON'T follow the EXACT instructions - I'm sorry - but you can't get the reward.

If you have ANY questions on if you are submitting correctly - then please ask other teammates so they can help.  But, it takes a long time to go find answers all over Twitter and Uptrennd. lol  That's why I give SPECIFIC instructions on how to submit.

Heading forward.... if you WANT to play - please play!!!    But know that ONLY the answers submitted correctly will earn rewards.  It's most fair that way :)

and - it is NOT to late to start playing - we LOVE new players!!!  but you MUST send me a private message on how to catch up!   You CANNOT just begin on this mission because you will get lost very fast!

Mission 6

"Guys - we figured it out!  I'm sure of it!!!  Let's head to George Dee's home and see what's in that safe!" Everyone started scrambling to collect their things, excited to get to the next part of this puzzle!

Arriving on the land, everyone could FEEL the anxious energy.  This all SEEMED like it was fun and exciting - but what if this was some crazy plot??? This person was a STRANGER who didn't want to be identified.  Couldn't there be some harm in this??

But - then, the group WAS all together, and we WERE on George's land. It felt like we just had to take the next steps.

"Well, go on then,"  Ayay nudged Ti-Elle.  "You're the leader here, we will flank you."

Ti - Elle gulped a bit.  "Here we go then."

Into the house, approaching the dining room, marching towards the east wall, moving aside the painting and.... just like Mr. E said - there was the safe.  Ti-Elle raised her fingers to the electronic keypad and punched in 1113. 


Just like that.  It opened with a release of air. 

"What's inside?!?!"  Emm Ay squealed.

"Quick quick!! I'm dying to know!" Ay Bee jumped on her toes.

"It's a note." Ti-Elle said quietly.  Her eyes quickly scanned over the paper and then became large.  "Oh my gosh.  You guys.  Read it!"

preview not available

click on the image to download - then you can zoom in more!

"Ok... well.  missing letters.   red letters.  choosing a new career and Mr. E is gonna give us help???  So far it all looks good - don't you think???  We better get on the case here!!!!"

Mission 6 requirements:

1. Write a post choosing which career you want.  MORE details will be added later - just SIMPLY CHOOSE which of the five careers you'd like, and tell WHY you think you'd be great in that career.

2. Unscramble the red letters to fill in the missing words from Mr. E

3. Everyone who posts  - AND QUOTE TWEETS (It must ONLY be a quote tweet to be counted) on   THIS TWEET   will get the mission points of 20 each.

4. The FIRST TEN who do that AND solve the unscrambled letters - will win the additional reward from Mr. E

You can work alone - or work together!  :) But I will be looking at the FIRST 10 on the quote tweets to see who got it right!

Deadline for mission points : Sunday, February 14, noon, PST.

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Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
12 Feb

Another mission....

The letters looks quite tricky but don't worry @Anum you can do it. You have to solve it ASAP before others do.

Oops am i talking to myself on your post?

Sorry... The game is so interesting that i am addicted to it now.

Okay... Now i am going to complete this mission.



Tiger Lily
12 Feb

hehehehehe if you solve it - i wonder how soon until everyone quickly jumps on board too hehehehe


Adetola Muheez
12 Feb

True we have a city already well structured true there will be need for some services , we all can't have everything at our comfort, we have to offer something and get something in return. That's how it works but guess.

This time it's the fastest to meet up with the task. Go go go city game.

Sending in my post soon.

Uptrennd game coming bigger and fun


Tiger Lily
12 Feb

hehehe that's right - unless we are independently wealthy and we have servants! lolol

BUT... we don't hahaha

so - time to choose a career  :)


Adetola Muheez
12 Feb

Yeah.. ma'am

Game on

No table released yet on the points..so much suspense now... fingers crossed


O.P iykman
12 Feb

Wow!! The game is getting tougher and easier 😂😂. 

This mission seems to be impossible to get, but I will try my best to figure out the right answer.

O.P do you think you can do this? Oh, yes, I can solve it before noon. Okay then, let's see. 

Well done, ma'am. 


Tiger Lily
13 Feb

so many people talking to themselves in my comment section hahahahaha its so funny!!! LOL


O.P iykman
13 Feb


I was trying to encourage me to complete the mission lol

Indeed, I had fun trying to get letters arranged though Ishmael kelechi helped O.P hehe

Can't wait to see the next mission pop up hahaha 


Tiger Lily
13 Feb

hehehehe on Sunday will be the next mission!  :)

enjoy the weekend off! hehehe


Princess Busayo
12 Feb

Another mission with a thorough thinking again. Hehehehe

Let me get to work now! We need to unscramble the red letters! 🤔 What could it be? It's time to get on to work to be early. 

Princess, remember you were fidgeting earlier with the previous puzzle? Don't worry, you can do this and surely you will make it out and make Ti-Elle proud. Lol


Tiger Lily
13 Feb

hehehehe  take a look at my comment section and see all the people who are talking to themselves trying to figure out the puzzle hahahaha  i love it - its so cute!!!!!!


Ishmael Kelechi
12 Feb

Ok. All hands on deck guys. Let's go for a kill. This unscrambling, eleven alphabets is going to need a surgical analysis to unscrabble. 


@Tiger Liky ma'am, are we to use all the alphabets provided?


Egwu Doris .
12 Feb

Yes bro. The alphabets will fill the spaces in the letter. 7 letters on one side and then the remaining 4 letters on the other side. 







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