Uptrennd City: The Game Mission 11

*bing* *bing* *bing* *bing*!!!

"Ti-Elle, is that your phone going crazy?!?!?"

"So sorry Eekay Gee! As soon as we get in the house I'll check it out!"

They pulled upto the beach house, opened the door, and flicked the lights on.  MORE packages awaited them!


Ti-Elle looked at her texts, "Yep, it looks like everyone is coming home to presents and notes."

Eekay Gee picked up the envelope.  "Should I?"

"Yep!  Go for it!"

Eekay read in a measured voice.

"If you're seeing this, then I predicted what would happen.  They were watching and they grabbed me.  See - THEY don't want Uptrennd City to thrive!  I'm pretty sure they're starting to infiltrate the city again - you HAVE to be on the watch, every second of the day!"

Ti-Elle and Eekay looked at each other and said simultaneously  "SPAMmers!"

Eekay kept reading,  "I'm sorry that the night must not have gone as I hoped.  And I'm sure that Eekay's house is probably a wreck if they grabbed me in a hurry!  Sorry about that, Eekay!  I'm sure you're with Ti-Elle now, since she would have never left you home alone in that chaos!"

"Wow.  Does this Mr. E just know every single thing that happens here?!?!"  Eekay paused reading long enough to wipe her brow in amazement.  She looked back down at the card.

"I wanted to announce something new at the party...but..looks like this card will have to do! Starting this week - I thought it would be fun to start doing a little drawing.  Each ticket will cost you 1 Uptrennd buck. Three winners will be chosen each week.  I'm always looking for ways to boost our city's morale! This first week - I thought I'd start it off by going out with a bang and making the rewards bitcoin cash!  Next week - something new :)

but uh.... you know, all that is fun and all, but I guess I have one more thing to share...


Mission 11

This one is simple and fun!  We are starting a weekly drawing!  Each ticket for the drawing will cost you 1 Game Point.  The prizes this week are three $5 bitcoin cash prizes.  Three winners.

Now... be wise with how many points you spend on tickets! You still don't know what your points are for  :)

DEADLINE:  You have until Monday at NOON pst.  Yep - its a FAST deadline.  Why?  Because its super simple!  All you have to do is tell me how many tickets you want to purchase with your points for the drawing in the comment section!  

and... are you up for going on a rescue mission for Mr. E????  if so - be sure to say so in the comment! hehehe

p.s.  I'll be sending out your gif bitmojis tomorrow! hehehe be looking for them in your DMS on discord!



Badar Afnan Alam
01 Mar

So 1 TICKET for the drawing Mam. I would Love to draw some great stuff I'm a professional painter. Extra Professional Painter. I can Paint like about about everything. Like Standing Donkey or Jumping Monkey, I can draw a sNeaky snake Or Maybe a Dirty lake. Just name it Just name it. It will be done.! haha! I'm not gonna waste my points because I don't know how much they are. And the other thing is I will save them for some good task that I can do. So, I will just try my luck in this one! 1 TICKET!


Ismaheel Adeleye
01 Mar

Do you know how lotto is played? or choosing from a spinning wheel. That's the type of drawing she meant, not the artist or painter version of drawing.

Anyways, glad to know you are Xtra Pro in Painting. That would come handy someday.

1 ticket for you. :)


Badar Afnan Alam
01 Mar

Ah! I didn't know That huh! 


Dr.Jenny .
04 Mar

Hahaha 🤣 monkey donkey snake lake and then it comes you are fake 🤥 hahahaha


Tiger Lily
04 Mar

what in the world does that mean??? lol


Kemmy B.
01 Mar

Oh dear! Poor Mr. E! How do we gamizens save him? 

Three tickets for me please. 😊


Amber Kashif
28 Feb

Mmmmm. I think I need 5 tickets for the drawing. 

I am here to rescue mr. E.

Spammers are back... i have observed some. I am loading my guns with downvote bullets 


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Feb

Hehehe. One ticked please..  

And I would be up for the mission too. Rescue mission you say?. No problem I would get prépared for that. 

I wished I could just see my total points right now!!!  Grrhhhh...


Tiger Lily
28 Feb

hehehe total points are coming sooooooon :)

and you know that pirates are PROS of the rescues hahahaha

1 ticket for you!! :)


O.P iykman
28 Feb


Well, I will be needing 50 tickets for the drawing. And for sure, I am willing to HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!! Mr. E


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
28 Feb

Wait, what??? 50 tickets?????😲😲😲😲😲😲😲Jajajajajajaja

Some others won't get tickets.. You're buying all our tickets...😒


O.P iykman
01 Mar

Hahaha!! I wanted to say 100,000 jajajaja


Ismaheel Adeleye
01 Mar

You've populated the pool already. :)

I was actually counting if you wrote 50 L's in the HELP!!!

50 points utilized for the tickets.







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